Work Packages


The HBP counted nine Work Packages: three Science Work Packages, three Infrastructure Work Packages, and three Overarching Activity Work Packages

What are Work Packages?

The original structure of the HBP grouped scientists by research focus in Subprojects (SPs) as the primary operational structure. Quite quickly, that formal operational structure was complemented by cross-cutting ones, called Co-Design Projects (CDPs), a key characteristic of which was that they brought together people whose primary focus was on various research approaches with those who were more concerned with building research tools, thus addressing a particular neuroscientific questions from different angles, and making sure that the collaboration between these Partners would result in added value for both research and infrastructure. For SGA3, which started in April 2020, the HBP took that trend a step further, using a small number of larger, cross-disciplinary Work Packages as its operational structure.

List of Work Packages

Work Package 1: The human multiscale brain connectome and its variability – from synapses to large-scale networks and function

Work Package 2: Networks underlying brain cognition and consciousness

Work Package 3: Adaptive networks for cognitive architectures: from advanced learning to neurorobotics and neuromorphic applications

Work Package 4: EBRAINS Data Services

Work Package 5: EBRAINS Modelling Services

Work Package 6: EBRAINS Computing Services

Work Package 7: Management and Coordination

Work Package 8: Communication, Outreach and Exploitation

Work Package 9: Responsible Research and Innovation