To illustrate how good, cutting-edge scientific research can be done using the tools and services offered by its EBRAINS digital brain research infrastructure, the HBP is highlighting selected multi-disciplinary “showcase” workflows, via a sequence of demonstrations showing the HBP’s ability to build brain-like in-silico entities mimicking brain function.

Showcase 1 (WP1): Degeneracy in neuroscience - when is Big Data big enough?

Advanced prototype software integrating heterogeneous region models.

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Showcase 2 (WP1): Improving epilepsy surgery with the Virtual BigBrain

Simulation of patient-specific epileptic brain showing characteristic seizures.

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Showcase 3 (WP2): Brain Complexity and Consciousness

Simulation of full brain, showing different brain states and consciousness levels, integrating meso- and micro-cortical elements.

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Showcase 4 (WP2): Object Perception and Memory

Simulation of object and scene recognition, illustrating how the brain may achieve image and scene recognition, through the process of learning to construct internal models (latent representations) of objects and the environment.

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Showcase 5 (WP3): Dextrous manipulation - how the brain coordinates hand movements

Simulation of in-hand object manipulation performed by a robotic hand.

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Showcase 6 (WP3): Brain-based technology to support safe human-robot collaboration

Release of closed-loop sensorimotor demonstrators.

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