The Human Brain Project has contributed to a deeper understanding of the complex structure and function of the human brain with a unique interdisciplinary approach at the interface of neuroscience and technology.

One of the core aims of the Human Brain Project was the establishment of a cutting-edge research infrastructure to allow scientific and industrial researchers to advance their knowledge in the fields of neuroscience, computing and brain-related medicine. This research infrastructure is called EBRAINS and it will further pursue the journey started by the HBP.

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Focus Areas

Connectivity and dysconnectivity

Developing personalised network models and relevant clinical applications to better understand brain behaviour.

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Consciousness and Cognition

Developing a multi-scale understanding of physiological, drug-induced, and pathological brain states and how they can support consciousness and cognition.

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Brain-inspired cognitive architectures

Improving our understanding of how brain networks enable visuo-motor and cognitive functions, such as dexterous manipulation, spatial navigation, and relational reasoning.

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Data and Knowledge

The EBRAINS Data and Knowledge Services increase the efficiency and productivity in research by making data discoverable and reusable.

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Access to Atlas Tools and Services

Brain atlases provide spatial reference systems for neuroscience that allow navigation, characterisation and analysis of information based on anatomical location.

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Integrated workflows for model creation, simulation and validation, data analysis and visualization, covering and connecting the different levels of description ranging from molecular and subcellular, to cellular, network and whole brain level.

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Medical Data Analytics

Helping clinicians, clinical scientists, and clinical data scientists who aim to adopt advanced analytics for diagnosis and research in clinics.

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The Neurorobotics Platform

The service for embodied simulation developed by the Human Brain Project, now offered by EBRAINS.

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Computing and Storage

The High-Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, Storage and Network Services of the Fenix infrastructure are integrated in EBRAINS. They are complemented by additional services, e.g., for data transfer and infrastructure monitoring.

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Access to Neuromorphic Computing

The neuromorphic compute systems SpiNNaker (1 mio core ARM processor system) and BrainScaleS (physical analog neuromorphic system) are available through EBRAINS.

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