Applicants from within and outside the HBP can request administrative and financial support provided by the HBP Education Programme for the planning and organisation of an EBRAINS Infrastructure Training.

In total, 20 proposals will be selected during SGA3. The HBP Education Programme will offer up to EUR 9,000 financial support and 1 person-month administrative support, per event.

The Call is open and proposals will be evaluated as they are submitted. The CEoI and further information can be found on the HBP Open Calls Platform.

Find out how the HBP Education Programme can  support your virtual event.

Interested applicants are encouraged to get in touch with the HBP Education Programme during the application stage at   training-support@humanbrainproject.eu









The HBP Education Programme supports – financially and administratively - mainly two event formats addressing different audiences and topics: 

EBRAINS Infrastructure Training Events are intended for a wide audience, from early-career researchers to experienced scientists. The aim is to introduce new users to the HBP ecosystem and provide hands-on training and valuable insights on tools and services offered by the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure.

CodeJams and Hackathons are events focussing on hands-on sessions for experienced developers, where specific HBP and EBRAINS technologies, platforms, and tools can be coded, tested, elaborated, and integrated.

All event formats should have a highly practical aspect, so participants can learn, network, collaborate, and contribute.

The next Infrastructure training events will be announced soon. 




More upcoming events to be announced soon.

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