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The HBP Education Programme offers innovative learning packages for early career researchers working in and across the fields of neuroscience, information and communications technology (ICT) and medicine. The programme especially targets advanced master‘s-level and PhD students, as well as early post-doctoral researchers, from within and outside the HBP.

EBRAINS Workshops aim to introduce participants to the opportunities provided by the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure and educate them on the resources that are offered by EBRAINS. The multi-day events combine plenary sessions with hands-on interactive workshop modules in which participants will learn how to utilize and benefit from EBRAINS tools and services.

The HBP Curriculum on Interdisciplinary Brain Science offers web-based distance learning courses. It provides basic lessons in the HBP core fields neuroscience, medicine, cognitive systems and ICT for early career researchers outside their area of specialisation, as well as courses on the subjects of ethics and intellectual property rights, translation and exploitation of research. By combining the online course with a participation in one of the HBP Education Programme event ECTS credits can be awarded.

An annual HBP Student Conference, organised by early career researchers for early career researchers, aims to encourage collaboration and scientific exchange across the fields of neuroscience, brain medicine and computer science. At the conference, early career researchers get the chance to present their own research and engage in extensive discussions with peers and principle investigators from within and outside the HBP.

Young Researchers Events provide a setting for the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure to present the Project’s tools and results to early career scientists and future users. In addition, more specific EBRAINS Infrastructure Training Events provide hands-on training in the use of the various services and tools offered by EBRAINS.

Video material from HBP Education Programme activities is collected and made available to the public via the HBP Education Programme E-Library.

Objectives of the HBP Education Programme

Objective 1: Provide young European scientists with transdisciplinary knowledge and skills

Objective 2: Connect early career researchers within the HBP and beyond

Objective 3: Build awareness of the project's work and results

Objective 4: Growing an educated EBRAINS user community


The HBP Curriculum on Interdisciplinary Brain Science offers web-based distance learning courses and face-to-face workshops that provide basic lessons in the HBP core fields neuroscience, medicine, cognitive systems and ICT as well as the complementary subjects of ethics and intellectual property rights.

The courses are open to the whole scientific community, regardless of affiliation with the HBP, but especially target the following groups:
• Master‘s students already carrying out research
• PhD students
• Researchers who have received their doctoral degree within the past three years at the time of their application for training

Video lectures are publicly available. By combining the online course with the participation in an Education event, that qualifies as a complimentary part of the online course ECTS credits can be awarded. 



Participants have the possibility of taking an exam related to the online content of the courses. Upon successful completion, ECTS credits can be awarded. The credits are awarded by the Medical University of Innsbruck / Austria (MUI) if the following conditions are fulfilled:

• Full attendance of one qualified Education event
• Registration for HBP Online Course on Interdisciplinay Brain Science via e-mail to curriculum.edu@humanbrainproject.eu, stating which online course(s) you would like to attend
• Attendance of the online course(s)
• Successful completion of exam(s)

In total, it is possible to achieve a maximum of 12 ECTS credits for all 6 courses.

The credits for the 6 courses are distributed as follows:

Brain medicine for non-specialists 2.5 ECTS
Neurobiology for non-specialists*

Basic: 1 ECTS
Advanced: 1 ECTS

ICT for non-specialists 1.5 ECTS
Cognitive systems for non-specialists 2 ECTS
Research, ethics and societal impact 1.5 ECTS
Intellectual property rights, translation and exploitation of research 2.5 ECTS

* It is possible to only take the Basic exam, or both Basics and Advanced, but not only the Advanced exam.

Examination fee: 30 € (per exam)

Liaise with your target audience. The HBP Education's sponsorship opportunities position you and your organisation as industry leader and provide the possibility to connect with leading scientists and young investigators.

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