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Exploring ethics and human rights in artificial intelligence – A Delphi study

Bernd Carsten Stahl, Laurence Brooks, Tally Hatzakis, Nicole Santiago, David Wright c

Technological Forecasting and Social Change 2023-03-23
Pattern completion and the medial temporal lobe memory system

Stephanie Theves, Xenia Grande, Emrah Duzel, Christian F. Doeller

The Oxford Handbook of Human Memory 2023-03-10
Towards cognitive navigation: A biologically inspired calibration mechanism for the head direction cell network

Zhenshan Bing, Dominik Nitschke, Genghang Zhuang, Kai Huang, Alois Knoll

Journal of Automation and Intelligence, Vol. 2, No. 1 2023-03-01
Spiking Neural Network Nonlinear Demapping on Neuromorphic Hardware for IM/DD Optical Communication

Elias Arnold, Georg Böcherer, Florian Strasser, Eric Müller, Philipp Spilger, Sebastian Billaudelle, Johannes Weis, Johannes Schemmel, Stefano Calabrò, Maxim Kuschnerov

arXiv 2023-02-28
Layer 1 of somatosensory cortex: An important site for input to a tiny cortical compartment

Julia MT Ledderose, Timothy A Zolnik, Maria Toumazou, Thorsten Trimbuch, Christian Rosenmund, Britta J Eickholt, Dieter Jaeger, Matthew E Larkum, Robert NS Sachdev

bioRxiv 2023-02-23
Event-based Backpropagation for Analog Neuromorphic Hardware

Christian Pehle, Luca Blessing, Elias Arnold, Eric Müller, Johannes Schemmel

arXiv 2023-02-13
Contextual drive of neuronal responses in mouse V1 in the absence of feedforward input

Lisa Kirchberger, Sreedeep Mukherjee, Matthew W. Self, Pieter R. Roelfsema

Science Advances, Vol. 9, No. 3 2023-01-20
DMP-Based Reactive Robot-to-Human Handover in Perturbed Scenarios

Francesco Iori, Gojko Perovic, Francesca Cini, Angela Mazzeo, Egidio Falotico, Marco Controzzi

International Journal of Social Robotics, Vol. 15, No. 2 2023-01-18
Some reflections on the neurorights debate

Arleen Salles

The risks and challenges of neurotechnologies for human rights 2023-01-09
Humans account for cognitive costs when finding shortcuts: An information-theoretic analysis of navigation

Gian Luca Lancia, Mattia Eluchans, Marco D’Alessandro, Hugo J. Spiers, Giovanni Pezzulo

PLOS Computational Biology, Vol. 19, No. 1 2023-01-06