During the Human Brain Project, anyone could request to address ethical, regulatory and social issues. The POint of REgistration (PORE) was our mechanism to register and identify issues and keep track of how they were dealt with. 

The Human Brain Project has now ended. If you have an ethical concern to raise, please do so through EBRAINS

Requests to address ethical, regulatory and social issues in HBP research could come from any person. The POint of REgistration (PORE) was HBP’s mechanism to register and identify these issues and keep track of how they are dealt with.

How does PORE work?

The POint of REgistration registered issues so that they could be followed from start to finish. 

  • PORE requests could be submitted by any person within or outside the Project.
  • The person was able to be identifiable or remain anonymous.
  • By completing and submitting the online form, a request for advice on a specific ethical, regulatory or social issue was registered. 
  • Issues could be related to, but were not limited to, the planning of an experiment or a phase of implementation.
  • Each registered issue was received by the Ethics Rapporteur Programme lead and reviewed by the Ethics Coordination team. The team, which included the Ethics Director, decided how best to deal with the issue. 
  • The registered issue could be further directed to HBP Ombudsperson or the Ethics Advisory Board (EAB).

Appropriate measures were taken to ensure confidentiality in the case of any anonymous request. For further details please refer to the PORE Standard Operating Procedure.

PORE closed when the project ended. Please raise any ethical, regulatory and social issues raised by HBP research through EBRAINS.


Ethics & Society Training Resources

We have developed training resources that cover a wide range of issues in data governance, responsible research and innovation, and neuroethics.

Our training modules provide tools and methods for foresight, as well as critical and philosophical reflection.

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More Ethics & RRI 

The Human Brain Project will have an impact on both science and society.

We promote RRI practices within the HBP, and help to shape the direction of its research in ethically sound ways that serve the public interest. 

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