The advisory status of an EAB recommendation implies that individual researchers, investigators, laboratories and institutions will retain their legal responsibilities under the terms of local, national and international regulations, as well as professional obligations in place from time to time.

The EAB will advise on its own initiative as well as upon requests made by researchers, or other members of HBP, about specific ethical, regulatory, and social issues arising from their research undertaken within the HBP or by collaborators.

EAB Members


                                  Henrik WALTER (EAB Chair)                   Karin BLUMER (EAB Co-Chair)




                     Berit BRINGEDAL                         Markus CHRISTEN                    Josep DOMINGO-FERRER



                 Hannah MASLEN                                  Miguel MEDINA                  Alberto RÁBANO GUITÉRREZ



          Melita ŠALKOVIĆ-PETRIŠIĆ                        Tade SPRANGER                              Alan WINFIELD                           


Each member has a linkage with "Ethical Rapporteurs" (ERs) from HBP's Subprojects in accordance with their background and expertise. Additional information, including a short biography, of each member can be downloaded by clicking on their name.

EAB's Standard Operating Procedure

Further information on the roles and processes of the EAB can be found by clicking here: EAB: SOP.