Open call for industry engagement

The Call for Expression of Interest on Industry Engagement was designed by the Human Brain Project to involve companies in the development of tools and services for EBRAINS. It targeted companies, most notably SMEs and technology-based start-ups, operating in the field of digital neurosciences.

These four successful projects have been selected and are already running in HBP:

1. NEURO-CONNECT - Knowledge management solution for multimodal brain atlas and connectome integration

Coordinator: Biomax Informatics AG, Germany

2. CESPAR - Closed-loop exoskeleton simulation for personalized assistive rehabilitation within HBP NRP

Coordinator: Alpine Intuition, Switzerland

Partners: Autonomyo, Switzerland

3. Neuro-robin - Closed loop upper limb neurorobot simulator

Coordinator: Bit&Brain Technologies SL, Spain


Coordinator: GEM Imaging SA – ONCOVISION, Spain

The HBP is very happy to work with this new industrial partners, and looks forward to great synergies, fruitful exchanges, and innovative advancements.