HBP & Industry

To get closer to industrial actors, the HBP Innovation team has put in place three different initiatives. One of them has been the creation of open calls for industry engagement, by which seven companies participated during two years in the co-creation or improvement -with other project partners - of new EBRAINS services and tools.

Another industrial action has been the organisation of thematic and participative events with neuro related start-ups. Young companies have deserved special attention for two reasons: first, the interest in exploring the activity of technology-based incipient companies as potential partners with HBP members on future projects, and, secondly, to expand the dimension of the EBRAINS future user base. To identify relevant companies, we elaborated the report “Where is European Brain-Innovation happening? The role of tech-based start-ups” which describes the activity of European technology-based start-ups operating in the neuroscience and neurocomputing sectors. Then a series of so called “Solution workshops” were organised and different star-ups interacted with the HBP experts along different areas, namely Neuroimaging, Neurostimulation, Genetics and Biomarkers, Neurorobotics, and Neuropharma, to explore ways of collaboration.

A third action for industrial engagement included the creation of national innovation communities, formed by companies, industrial associations and biomedical institutions to exchange information, provide knowledge on EBRAINS, and to align HBP efforts to industrial demands.