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Ethics Rapporteur Programme

The Ethics Rapporteur Programme deepens understanding of potential ethical and social implications of research and other work by the academics, scientist and engineers in all the HBP SubProjects (SP). This programme establishes communication links that help HBP achieve and maintain Responsible Research and Innovation goals.

The HBP Ethics Rapporteur is an academic, a scientist, a technologist or an administrator engaged in the work of the HBP who is designated with the responsibility to communicate with the Ethics and Society programme about the ethics, science and technology work of the SubProject. Ethics Rapporteurs include senior and junior members, each possessing a unique set of competencies in science and ethics. 

Ethics Rapporteurs regularly communicate with the Ethics Advisory Board members and with the Ethics Support team. Joint meetings between the three bodies are held annually.

If you have a question concerning the ethical, social or regulatory issues of a particular SubProject you may contact one or more of the representative Ethics Rapporteurs, who are listed below. You can also contact Manuel Guerrero, who is the Ethics Rapporteur Programme lead.

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Manuel Guerrero, Uppsala University


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