Work Package 2


Networks underlying brain cognition and consciousness

What we do


Our brain is a complex network of neurons able to perform different activities, from a large variety of high-level cognitive functions, to sleep. To improve our understanding of how these processes occur, Work Package 2 will generate data-driven models that carry out cognitive tasks – such as object recognition or decision-making, while expressing realistic brain dynamics in different states (for example, during sleep, awakeness, anaesthesia). This challenging objective requires the coordinated work of a large number of experimental, theoretical and computational research groups, and the results will help to understand not only the healthy brain but also the brain in pathological conditions. The resulting data and models will include a philosophical-ethical framework and be made available to the community.

How we are organised


WP2 is composed of 32 institutions and 40 research groups. WP2 structure is composed of a WP2 leader, WP2 deputy leaders, WP2 managers, WP2 technical coordination and 10 scientific empirical Tasks (T2.1 – T2.6, T2.9, T2.10, T2.12, T2.13), while Task T2.7 is focused on neuroethics and philosophy research, Task T2.8 is focused on management and coordination and Task T2.11 is focused on the EBRAINS integration.



Task T2.1 Data-driven model of multisensory object recognition in cortical systems
Task T2.2 Apical dendritic amplification for cognitive performance: data-driven models and experimental validation
Task T2.3 Global brain dynamics of states leading to cognition: validating models of global brain states and transitions
Task T2.4 From low to high complexity in brain networks
Task T2.5 Multiscale models of brain responsiveness: from single cells to the whole brain
Task T2.6 Mechanisms for conscious and unconscious perception
Task T2.7 Neuroethics and philosophy of cognition and consciousness
Task T2.8 Coordination, management and WP-related outreach
Task T2.9 Influence of Complex Reward Computation and Working Memory Load onto Decision-Making
Task T2.10 Brain Inspired Consciousness
Task T2.11 Technical engineering and scientific integration
Task T2.12 Singularity of the human brain
Task T2.13 Building a prediction model of dopamine drug effects on human cognition



Work Package Leader: Mavi Sanchez-Vives

Work Package Deputy Leader: Cyriel Pennartz

Work Package Managers: Patricia Carvajal-Vallejos and Angelica da Silva Lantyer

Webpage editors: Patricia Carvajal-Vallejos and Angelica da Silva Lantyer