Work Package 7


Management and Coordination

What we do


WP7 is the central point for all general coordination activities of the HBP. All Project-wide administrative and Project coordination processes are coordinated from within this Work Package. WP7 is responsible for strengthening the HBP's coordination capabilities and ensuring that all Project obligations are fulfilled. 

Its main objective is: To strengthen the level of governance, project management and coordination in the delivery of the Project.

How we are organised


WP7 has six key Tasks supporting its framework:

Task T7.1 Work Package Management and Coordination supports the implementation of the HBP Core project management activities and the coordination of inputs from other Work Package managers to the HBP Project reporting and implementation.

Task T7.2 Governance coordinates the HBP governance processes and supports the governing and advisory bodies.

Task T7.3 Administrative Coordination coordinates all of the Project-wide general administrative obligations and Project coordination processes.

Task T7.4 Quality Control Services provides the framework, processes and tools ecosystem for quality and control. Editorial services for the entire HBP are also provided by T7.4.

Task T7.5 Coordination Tools provides ICT tools to facilitate the coordination and monitoring of the HBP.

Task T7.6 Calls Management supports the strengthening of the HBP Flagship by integrating new Partners who will provide additional knowledge, ideas and expertise to HBP and EBRAINS.

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Work Package Leader: Christian Fauteux

Work Package Manager: Andrea Alonso-Allende

Webpage editor: Andrea Alonso-Allende