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EBRAINS Computing Services

What we do


Work Package 6 develops, deploys, integrates and operates a variety of basic IT services including neuromorphic computing systems and services, within the distributed HBP and EBRAINS infrastructure. The deployed systems enable the platform services layer and individual vertical solutions to integrate different services within complex workflows. The services of this infrastructure layer thus serve as a basis for the Service Categories (SCs) of WP4 and WP5 and can also be used by (expert) end users. Most of the Tasks planned in this Work Package deal with the operation of these infrastructure services to ensure a high quality of service that can be achieved, e.g. by providing robust operational environments, and establishing mechanisms that allow for timely identification of problems.

Furthermore, the Work Package supports the integration of the HBP Facility Hubs into the infrastructure layer. WP6 was also responsible for coordinating the proposal for having the HBP Research Infrastructure on the ESFRI roadmap and for preparing its operational phase. WP6 also works on establishing an EBRAINS service for sensitive data, the EBRAINS Health Data Cloud, which enables research on sensitive neuroscience data originating from human subjects, including collaborative sharing, collection and analysis of such data.

WP6 is in charge of Service Category 6 Web-based, interactive workflows on HPC: Europe-wide access to scalable and interactive compute services.

How we are organised


WP6 EBRAINS Computing Services  develops, deploys, integrates and operates a variety of basic IT services within the distributed HBP and EBRAINS infrastructure:

Publication highlights

A list of recent publications is available here.



Task T6.1 Enhancement and integration of the BrainScaleS platform
Task T6.2 Enhancement and integration of the SpiNNaker platform
Task T6.3 Design and implementation of data services and HPC/Cloud scheduling
Task T6.4 Deployment and management of neuromorphic systems
Task T6.5 Operation of HPC, cloud, storage and network services
Task T6.6 AAI and accounting services integration and operation
Task T6.7 Operation of monitoring services and infrastructure status reporting
Task T6.8 Operation of data location and data transfer services
Task T6.9 Operation of interactive computing services
Task T6.10 Policy management and security
Task T6.11 Enhancement and operation of the Collaboratory
Task T6.12 ESFRI roadmap implementation and HBP Facility Hubs integration
Task T6.13 WP6 Coordination and Management, including supervision of SC6
Task T6.14 EBRAINS Scientific Liaison Unit (SLU)
Task T6.15 EBRAINS Service for Health Data in the Cloud

Page contact


Work Package Leader: Thomas Lippert

Work Package Manager: Anna Lührs

Webpage editor: wp6-coord(at)



Production level (TRL 8) monitoring service (incl. reporting) deployed, integrating 2 sites of EBRAINS

A monitoring website, providing monitoring information, is available online. This monitoring infrastructure is of special interest for platform administrators and special users who use direct infrastructure services.

Integration of all sites and complete inclusion of reporting KPIs

All infrastructure sites have been included in the monitoring tool, and each of them is being monitored. Basic metrics are all included in the monitoring tool. The monitoring page is accessible in read-only mode to anyone with an EBRAINS account, while members of the related Task have more privileges.

Production level (TRL 8) version of the Central Data Transfer service

A solution for the Central Data Transfer Service between Archival Data Repositories based on FTS has been released and documented.

Prioritised set of selected workflows, leading to the development of solutions based on composable EBRAINS services

This Output details the current set of workflows driving the actions of the Scientific Liaison Unit (SLU) leading to the development of composable integrated workflows based on EBRAINS services. Additionally, the document introduces the SLU, details the relationship of the SLU with other coordination Tasks in EBRAINS, details the challenges encountered in formalising science or engineering cases and finally provides the methods and procedures followed to address these challenges.