Work Package 8


Communication, Outreach and Exploitation

What we do


Work Package 8 brings together four teams: Outreach, Communication, Partnering and Innovation, to deliver an external engagement effort to support the goal of delivering the EBRAINS RI as one of the legacies of the HBP FET Flagship. The Work Package envisages the four teams working together and supporting an HBP, Consortium-wide, dissemination taskforce.

How we are organised


WP8 has seven key Tasks supporting its framework:

Task T8.1 Management and Coordination manages the coordination of WP8 and its linkages with activities in other Work Packages.

Task T8.2 Outreach and Education delivers high impact Outreach and Education event-based activities in close coordination with other WP8 tasks and the wider HBP Consortium.

Task T8.3 Communication manages External Communication, Internal Communication, and Marketing.

Task T8.4 Partnering aims to increase the number of consortia and organisations with formal collaboration agreements with HBP/EBRAINS, either as Partnering Projects, or under new legal instruments.

Task T8.5 Exploitation of EBRAINS will accelerate the exploitation of the HBP technologies and EBRAINS Service Categories.

Task T8.6 Industrial Engagement contributes to involve industrial actors in the co-development and/or utilisation of EBRAINS tools and services.

Task T8.7 Media Relations ensures consistent high-level messaging in close alignment with EBRAINS and HBP project leadership.

Scientific achievements of the HBP are regularly reported in written materials easy to understand by lay audiences. This will include a small highlight brochure published in Q1 2022, an end-of-year report highlighting HBP scientific achievements of 2022, a final report summarizing the HBP’s scientific achievements. All items will also have a digital version.

The A5 brochure "Human Brain Project: Spotlights on latest scientific advances was published in February 2022. A report highlighting HBP scientific achievements of 2022 titled "Human Brain Project: A closer look at scientific advances" was published in March 2023 in the format of an A4 book. A final report titled "Human Brain Project: An extensive guide to the tools developed" was published in September 2023. Another A5 brochure titled "Human Brain Project: Spotlights on major achievements" was published in September 2023. All brochures and books were published and distributed as printed hard copies and also published online and distributed as digital versions. Scientific achievements were also regularly reported in online news articles and press releases.



Work Package Leader: Christine Bauquis

Webpage editor: Evan Hancock