The structure of the current HBP governance is shown below. The HBP’s governance structure is designed to allow the Core Project (CP) to run efficiently and transparently.


Core Project Governance


Decision-Making bodies

  • The Stakeholder Board (SB) is the Ultimate Decision-Making Body  composed of one Member for each country participating in the HBP.
  • The Directorate (DIR) is  the  Executive  Governance  Body  of  the  HBP. It manages the Project and its finances, ensures that it fulfils its contractual obligations, and puts proposals decided on by the Science and Infrastructure Board to the Stakeholder Board for its decision.
  • The Science and Infrastructure Board (SIB) provides the scientific leadership of the HBP. It is responsible for managing the implementation of the scientific and infrastructure Work Plan, and for proposing work plans and roadmaps for each SGA. All scientific decisions are made by this board.

EBRAINS AISBL – the HBP Legal Entity

In the course of the SGA3, the role of the Coordinator of the HBP will be taken over by the EBRAINS AISBL, a member of the Consortium and a Legal Entity created with the objective of coordinating the HBP and managing an enduring European scientific research infrastructure. The  EBRAINS  AISBL  is  responsible  for  developing  a  sustainable  operational  model  for  the  EBRAINS Research Infrastructure built by the HBP.

Project Coordination Office

The Project Coordination Office (PCO), employed by the Coordinator, manages and coordinates the Core Project, and acts as the intermediary between the HBP Partner organisations and the European Commission.

Liaison with the EC

The Board of Funders brings together  representatives  from  the  participating  countries  and  the Commission, for the purpose of programming activities in support of the European Flagships (HBP, Graphene, Quantum).

More detailed information on governance in the HBP is available here.