HBP Deliverables accessible on this site are grouped by Project Phase:

About the Deliverables

Deliverables are agreed in advance between a project's research consortium and the European Commission, and are formally listed in a contractual Grant Agreement, with a content description and delivery date for each.

Deliverables can take different forms: they may be specifications for future hardware or software, or working prototypes; they can be a set of research data or results; they might be explanatory documentation; etc. Most of the HBP's Deliverables relate to scientific and technological activities, but some of them concern other aspects of the project, including ethics and society, education and project coordination. While many HBP Deliverables have a written component, they are quite distinct from the written interim and periodic reports that EU-funded research and innovation projects are required to submit.

Most HBP Deliverables are "public", in the sense that they contain no confidential information and there is no restriction on their circulation. It is HBP policy to publish a list of titles of all its public Deliverables (see links above).  Once a Deliverable is approved by the Commission, a link is added and the document becomes visible to the public.

Deliverables may be rejected, in which case they usually have to be resubmitted at a specified later date, with specific additional information. Certain HBP Deliverables are "Living Documents", which means that they are updated from time to time after they have been approved.

During RUP, SGA1 and SGA2, HBP Deliverables have been numbered according to the following system: D1.4.3 is the third Deliverable from the fourth Work Package in the first Subproject in the Ramp-Up Phase; SGA1 D5.6.1 is the first Deliverable from the sixth Work Package in the fifth Subproject in the First Specific Grant Agreement.

The line-up of Subprojects changed slightly from the Ramp-Up Phase (RUP) to the current Specific Grant Agreement 1 (SGA1): RUP SP11 Applications was terminated at the end of that phase and RUP SP13 Project and programme management, education, dissemination and innovation became SP11 Central Services for SGA1.

During SGA3, there are no Subprojects anymore. Deliverables have only two numbers: SGA3 D4.2 is the second Deliverable from the fourth Work Package in the Third Specific Grant Agreement.