Second Specific Grant Agreement (SGA2) Deliverables
(1 Apr 2018 - 31 Mar 2020)


SP1 Mouse Brain Organisation

D1.3.1 (D4.1, D15 - SGA2 M12) CDP1 Annual Compound Deliverable Year 1

D1.6.1 (D7.1, D5 - SGA2 M12) SP1 Mouse Brain Organisation and Interspecies Comparisons: First Data Results package (update on implementation of the DMP - M12)


SP2 Human Brain Organisation

D2.1.1 (D8.1, D57 - SGA2 M12) Comparison of Deep-learning based cytoarchitectonic mapping of cortex in the big brain against gold standard cytoarchitectonic map 1.8 MB

D2.2.1 (D9.1, D58  SGA2 M12) CDP4 Visuo-Motor Integration - Results for SGA2 Year 1

D2.7.1 (D14.1, D16 - SGA2 M12) SP2 Human Brain Organisation - Results for SGA2 Year 1

D2.7.3 (D14.3, D120 - SGA2 M12 ) CDP3 Results for SGA2 Year 1 774.6 KB


SP3 Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience

D3.5.1 (D19.1, D66 - SGA2 M12) An integrated model of superior colliculus and basal ganglia controlling directed action 28.8 MB

D3.6.1 (D20.1, D17 - SGA2 M12) Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience - Results for SGA2 Year 1 690.3 KB


SP4 Theoretical Neuroscience 

D4.7.1 (D27.1, D18 - SGA2 M12) SP4 Theoretical Neuroscience models - 1st part


SP5 Neuroinformatics Platform

D5.1.1 (D28.1, D72 - SGA2 M9) Completion of SGA1 data/model curation into NIP meta data database

D5.2.1 (D29.1, D73 - SGA2 M12) Release of updated atlas curation supporting material  244.4 KB

D5.3.1 (D30.1, D74 - SGA2 M13) New release of interactive spatial alignment tool  2.2 MB

D5.4.1 (D31.1, D75 - SGA2 M9) First release of software adapted to new Viewer Architecture

D5.8.1 (D35.1, D19 - SGA2 M12) SP5 Neuroinformatics Platform - Results for SGA2 Year 1 1.1 MB

D5.9.1 (D36.1, D6 - SGA2 M6) Strategy and organization of a High-Level Support Team (HLST)  474.1 KB


SP6 Brain Simulation Platform

D6.1.1 (D37.1, D20 - SGA2 M12) SP6 Annual Compound Deliverable Year 1 1.6 MB

D6.2.1 (D38.1, D21 - SGA2 M12) CDP2 Annual Compound Deliverable Year 1 998.6 KB


SP7 High Performance Analytics and Computing Platform

D7.1.1 (D42.1, D81 - SGA2 M8) HPAC Platform Architecture Specification v1

D7.2.1 (D43.1, D82 - SGA2 M12) Key technologies for fast data access and retrieval 

D7.3.1 (D44.1, D83 - SGA2 M12) Multi-compartment benchmark and validation suites on HPC systems  531.0 KB

D7.5.1 (D46.1, D85 - SGA2 M8) HPAC Platform including CEA resources

D7.6.1 (D47.1, D22 - SGA2 M12) SP7 High-Performance Analytics and Computing Platform – Results for SGA2 Year 1


SP8 Medical Informatics Platform

D8.1.1 (D48.1, D23 - SGA2 M12) SP8 MIP - Results for SGA2 Year 1 552.4 KB

D8.5.1 (D52.1, D4 - SGA1 M6) Software requirements specifications (SRS) - REPORT 1.3 MB

D8.5.2 (D52.2, D8 - SGA2 M12) Μedical Informatics Platform Releases - SOFTWARE & REPORT 1.5 MB

D8.6.1 (D53.1 D26 - SGA2 M12) CDP6 Results SGA2 Year 1  Implementation for accurate HPC-based screening protocols of neuro-drug candidates 588.9 KB


SP9 Neuromorphic Computing Platform

D9.1.1 (D57.1, D90 -  SGA2 M12) Working prototype of a Collaboratory app for graphical model building 618.8 KB

D9.2.1 (D58.1, D91 - SGA2 M12) Software upgrade for BrainScaleS 2 1.5 MB

D9.4.1 (D60.1, D27 - SGA2 M12) CDP5-Biological deep learning: Results for SGA2 Year 1  3.2 MB

D9.5.1 (D61.1, D93 - SGA2 M12) Temporal filtering network  1.7 MB

D9.6.1 (D62.1, D30 - SGA2 M12) SP9 Neuromorphic Computing Platform - Results from SGA2 year 1 4.4 MB


SP10 Neurorobotics Platform

D10.5.1 (D67.1, D28 - SGA2 M12) SP10 Neurorobotics Platform - Results for SGA2 Year 1 2.6 MB


SP11 Central Services

D11.1.1 (D68.1, D98 - SGA2 M3) Governance handbook 681.4 KB

D11.2.10 (D69.10, D131 - SGA2 M7) Gender Action Plan 873.0 KB

D11.3.4 (D70.4, D132 - SGA2 M10) Short Summary of Infrastructure Voucher Programme  752.9 KB


SP12 Ethics and Society

D12.4.1 (D78.1, D114 - SGA1 M1) Data Policy Manual  2.6 MB

D12.5.1 (D79.1, D29 - SGA2 M12) SGA2-SP12 M12 reporting (component id: 2326)