Third Specific Grant Agreement (SGA3) Deliverables
(1 Apr 2020 - 31 Mar 2023)


WP1: The human multiscale brain connectome and its variability – from synapses to large-scale networks and function

D1.1 (D7 - SGA3 M9) Early prototype software interface with atlas services based on initial versions of data models including DEMO1 of Showcases 1 and 2 622.1 KB

D1.2 (D8 - SGA3 M21) Advanced prototype software integrating heterogeneous region models including DEMO2 of Showcases 1 and 2

D1.3 (D9 - SGA3 M24) Multiscale human whole brain connectome data set

D1.4 (D10 - SGA3 M30) Multiscale network models

D1.5 (D11 - SGA3 M36) Full integration of atlas services, models and validation including DEMO3 of Showcases 1 and 2

D1.6 (D84 - SGA3 M24) Sotware pipeline from neurophysiological and brain structural connectivity data to inividualised TVB model


WP2: Networks underlying brain cognition and consciousness

D2.1 (D12 - SGA3 M9) Showcase 3 – DEMO3.1 and Showcase 4 – DEMO4.1 1.2 MB

D2.2 ( D13 - SGA3 M21) Early version of use case for cognitive performance integrating data and models

D2.3 (D14 - SGA3 M21) Showcase 3 – DEMO3.2 and Showcase 4 – DEMO4.2

D2.4 (D15 - SGA3 M36) Final Showcases

D2.5 (D16 - SGA3 M36) Multiscale datasets available in the EBRAINS KG (Tier-3curated, following FAIR principles)

D2.6 (D17 - SGA3 M36) Data-driven and validated multiscale computational models and neuromorphic implementations

D2.7 (D18 - SGA3 M36) Use-cases integrating analysis workflows and algorithms in EBRAINS and at least 3 largely collaborative “Live scientific papers”

D2.8 (D19 - SGA3 M36) Ethics and philosophy articles to act as reference of cognition and consciousness research


WP 3: Adaptive networks for cognitive architectures: from advanced learning to neurorobotics and neuromorphic applications

D3.1 (D20 - SGA3 M9) Showcase 5 - Proof of Concept, performing human-like digit configurations by robotic hand 443.9 KB

D3.2 (D21 - SGA3 M16) Closed-loop visuomotor architecture supporting use of saccades for object recognition

D3.3 (D22 - SGA3 M18) Release of closed- loop sensorimotor demonstrators

D3.4 (D23 - SGA3 M18) Release of scaffold model including basal ganglia, cerebellum, and cerebral cortex

D3.5 (D24 - SGA3 M21) Showcase 5 – Intermediate prototype, performing human-like object manipulation by robotic hand

D3.6 (D25 - SGA3 M30) Closed-loop demonstrators addressing advanced cognitive and sensorimotor functions

D3.7 (D26 - SGA3 M36) Handbook for RRI for adaptive networks for cognitive architectures

D3.8 (D27 - SGA3 M36) Cognitive architecture with visuo-motor and advanced cognitive functions

D3.9 (D28 - SGA3 M36) Release of spiking models of visuo-motor coordination incorporating multiple brain regions, implemented in software, neuromorphic hardware, and neurorobotics

D3.10 (D29 - SGA3 M36) Framework for deep learningscheme for spike-based applications

D3.11 (D30 - SGA3 M36) Framework for plasticity and meta- plasticity learning rules

D3.12 (D31 - SGA3 M36) Neural network architectures for relational reasoning, planning, and cognitive intelligence

D3.13 (D82 - SGA3 M36) Computational architecture for hierarchical cognitive processing

D3.14 (D83 - SGA3 M36) Showcase 5 – Final demonstrator, in-hand object manipulation performed by robotic hand

D3.15 (D85 - SGA3 M34) Process inspired EEG pattern predicting failure-sensitivity as indicated by fMRI mapping and/or ic recordings activity


WP4: EBRAINS Data Services

D4.1 (D32 - SGA3 M7) EBRAINS FAIRdata services (SC1) - status at M7 2.5 MB

D4.2 (D33 - SGA3 M8) EBRAINS BrainAtlas Services (SC2) – status at M8 6.1 MB

D4.7 (D38 - SGA3 M18) EBRAINS FAIRdata services (SC1) - status at M18

D4.8 (D39 - SGA3 M18) EBRAINS BrainAtlas Services (SC2) – status at M18

D4.9 (D40 - SGA3 M18) EBRAINS Medical brain activity data platform: human intracerebral EEG database and analysis service (SC5) – status at M18

D4.10 (D41 - SGA3 M30) EBRAINS Compliance and Data Management Handbook

D4.11 (D42 - SGA3 M34) Sustained Community Building after 2023

D4.12 (D43 - SGA3 M36) EBRAINS FAIR data services (SC1)– status at the end of SGA3

D4.13 (D44 - SGA3 M36) EBRAINS Medical brain activity data platform: human intracerebral EEG database and analysis service (SC5) – status at M36

D4.14 (D45 - SGA3 M36) EITN Activity Report

D4.15 (D46 - SGA3 M36) EBRAINS BrainAtlas Services – status at end of SGA3 (SC3)

D4.16 (D47 - SGA3 M36) Release of MIP 8.0


WP5: EBRAINS Modelling Services

D5.1 (D48 - SGA3 M9) EBRAINS Closed-loop AI and robotics workflows: Status at M9 554.9 KB

D5.2 (D49 - SGA3 M9) EBRAINS modeling workflows implementation status at M9 5.7 MB

D5.3 (D50 - SGA3 M10) EBRAINS Technical Coordination Guidelines

D5.4 (D51 - SGA3 M18) Interim EBRAINS Infrastructure Implementation Report

D5.5 (D52 - SGA3 M21) EBRAINS modeling workflows implementation status at M21

D5.6 (D53 - SGA3 M18) EBRAINS Closedloop AI and robotics workflows: Status at M18

D5.7 (D54 - SGA3 M36) EBRAINS Infrastructure

D5.8 (D55 - SGA3 M36) EBRAINS modeling workflows implementation status at M36

D5.9 (D56 - SGA3 M36) EBRAINS Closedloop AI and robotics workflows

D5.10 (D57 - SGA3 M24) Implementation of an original workflow for allosteric drug design based on state-based pharmacology with the accurate calculation of the protein-ligand binding affinity for a defined conformation of the receptor based on HPC resources (ChemFlow, work in progress).


WP6: EBRAINS Computing Services

D6.1 (D57 - SGA3 M14) Online documentation of Facility Hubs concept, offers and access

D6.2 (D58 - SGA3 M21) Intermediate release of the federated HPC, Cloud and storage infrastructure for EBRAINS

D6.3 (D59 - SGA3 M36) NMC in EBRAINS with TRL 8software

D6.4 (D60 - SGA3 M36) Final release of the federated HPC, Cloud and storage infrastructure for EBRAINS

D6.5 (D61 - SGA3 M36) Final release of the Collaboratory


WP7: Management and Coordination

D7.4 (D66 - SGA3 M13) Report of the EBRAINS research infrastructure voucher programme

D7.5 (D67 - SGA3 M14) Final report of the SGA3 Calls for Expression of Interest (CEoI) 620.1 KB

D7.6 (D68 - SGA3 M18) First functional version of OP7.7 - Dashboards giving access to project management data


WP8: Communication, Outreach and Exploitation

D8.4 (D74 - SGA3 M36) Final report on delivery of the HBP Engagement Strategy highlighting activities and impact of the Communication, Partnering, Media Relations, Exploitation, and Education & Outreach teams in SGA3


WP9: Responsible Research and Innovation

D9.1 (D75 - SGA3 M7) EBRAINS RRI Capacity Development Plan 603.4 KB

D9.2 (D76 - SGA3 M18) Toolkit on equality in governance structures, procedures and implementation

D9.3 (D77 - SGA3 M22) Analysis on cultural considerations in RRI and neuroethics

D9.4 (D78 - SGA3 M32) Ethics Strategy for international collaboration on the integration of neuroethics and neuroscience

D9.5 (D79 - SGA3 M34) Implementing RRI in EBRAINS: website, RRI toolkit and capacity building activities


1 June 2021