The Stakeholder Board

The Stakeholder Board (SB) is the Ultimate Decision-Making Body. The Steering Committee of the Stakeholder Board (SCSB) is the principal Working Group of the SB and can be tasked by the SB.

To form the SB, the institutions of all Member States select their representative. In addition, they provide a signed Written Statement to confirm their mandate from the institutions they represent within their Member State.

The SB members are:

Austria                  Christine BANDTLOW
Belgium                Sigrid STROOBANTS
Denmark              Maiken NEDERGAARD
Finland                  Ulla RUOTSALAINEN
France                  André SYROTA (SB Chair ad-interim)
Germany               Wolfgang MARQUARDT
Greece                  Michael CHATZOPOULOS
Hungary               Ferenc OBERFRANK
Israel                     Joseph KLAFTER
Italy                       Eugenio GUGLIELMELLI
Netherlands          Rob HEINSBROEK
Norway                Frode VARTDAL
Portugal                Antonio DAMASIO
Slovenia              Bernard ZENKO
Spain                    Asunción GÓMEZ-PÉREZ
Sweden                Gunnar LANDGREN
Switzerland           Martin VETTERLI
Turkey                  Serkan UCER
United Kingdom Patrick HAGGARD


The SCSB members are:

France André SYROTA
Germany Wolfgang MARQUARDT
Norway Frode VARTDAL
Spain Asunción GÓMEZ-PÉREZ
Switzerland Martin VETTERLI
United Kingdom Patrick HAGGARD


updated March 2019



Illustration of two distinct morpho-electrotonic classes of layer 2 and layer 3 pyramidal neurons from the human temporal cortex.

The two new neurons were identified by an international team of HBP scientists. Read the full paper here.