The Science and Infrastructure Board

The Science and Infrastructure Board (SIB) provides the scientific leadership of the HBP, drives forward the HBP's scientific excellence, ensures the implementation of its research plan, and develops the Project's long-term scientific roadmap. In close partnership with EBRAINS AISBL, the SIB sets out to achieve the development and implementation of the HBP’s collaborative and sustainable EBRAINS Research Infrastructure. The SIB Panel, a subgroup of the SIB, directs the implementation of the Science and Infrastructure work plan, fulfilling the necessary executive functions to that end.

The elected Chair and Vice Chairs of the SIB are:

  • Chair of the SIB / Scientific Research Director – Katrin AMUNTS (Germany)
  • Vice-Chair of the SIB / Infrastructure Operations Director – Jan BJAALIE (Norway)
  • Vice-Chair of the SIB / Software Development Director – Yannis IOANNIDIS (Greece)

The SIB comprises the SGA3 Work Package Leaders and the SGA2 Subproject representatives:

Katrin AMUNTS (SP2 Leader in SGA2)

Jan BJAALIE (WP4 Leader)

Javier DEFELIPE (SP1 Leader in SGA2)

Alain DESTEXHE (SP4 Leader in SGA2)

Steve FURBER (SP9 Leader in SGA2)

Rainer GOEBEL (WP3 Leader)

Yannis IOANNIDIS (WP5 Leader)

Viktor JIRSA (WP1 Leader)

Alois KNOLL (SP10 Leader in SGA2)

Thomas LIPPERT (WP6 Leader)

Michele MIGLIORE  (SP6 Deputy Leader in SGA2)

Cyriel PENNARTZ  (SP3 Leader in SGA2)

Philippe RYVLIN (SP8 Leader in SGA2)

Maria V. SANCHEZ-VIVES (WP2 Leader)

            Paul VERSCHURE (Partnering Projects representative)