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4th HBP Student Conference on Interdisciplinary Brain Research

The Student Conference is immediately followed by a workshop day on 23 January, which will include workshops on “diversity in research” and career planning. Attendees of the Student Conference are invited to participate in the workshop day free of charge.

There is overwhelming evidence that diverse teams deliver stronger and more sustainable results in science and business. To harvest the benefits of diversity, HBP offers related workshops and interactive sessions at conferences.




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Past events

Same, same or different? Neuroscience, robotics, AI and medical informatics: New insights with diversity & ethics

The 3rd Curriculum Workshop on Research Ethics and Sociatel Impact took place Sept. 26, 2019 – Sept. 27, 2019 at Graz University of Technology, Austria

In this 2-day workshop, scientists from neuroscience, robotics, AI and medical informatics provided insights on how they consider variables such as sex, gender, age etc. Additionally, experts in ethics and diversity will introduce Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) concepts and their practical application. 

Juliana Nnadi, presented a poster and reflected her experiences at:


The workshop also raised international interest, read the article at the NeuroEthicsBlog

Workshop Organisers, Lecturers and Participants.
Photo Credit: HBP Education 

3rd HBP Student Conference on Interdisciplinary Brain Research 6-8 Febr. 19

A workshop on career planning will be offered on 8th of February 2019. This workshop for participants of all genders will provide success factors and challenges for scientific and alternative career options; information on expected formal requirements and the importance of networks, informal rules and biases.; opportunities to reflect individual career goals and to build a roadmap on how to get there as well as to learn from sharing experiences with peers.

Dual Use and Responsible Research Conference 15-17th Nov. 2018

This session will explore how diversity of research objects and/or target groups (that is e.g. differences of sex, age or other physical factors, psychological or societal factors) should be considered in order to improve the probability for robust and innovative findings – and last but not least: funding opportunities. Examples, guiding questions, tools and techniques for diversity research design and content will be presented. RRI context will be provided and discussed.

The Talent Session at the HBP SUMMIT 15-18th Oct. 2018

offered hands on guidelines and support on recruiting and then 'science of team science' with a clear focus on equal opportunities in divers teams, regarding e.g. different disciplines, tasks, cultures, sexes, gender.  

The first HBP conference on Gender and Diversity in March 2018:

A call to action for everyone at HBP” - 1st Gender and Diversity Conference

How to break the glass ceiling in neuroscience?