Gender Advisory Committee -
Diversity and Equal Opportunities

The Gender Advisory Committee (GAC) is an advisory body to the Project Coordination Office (PCO) and Directorate (DIR) of the Human Brain Project (HBP).  The Gender Advisory Committee is composed of HBP board members, leaders, scientist, technologists or managers engaged in the work for HBP from different domains. Each board and subproject appoint at least one, preferable two members (a man and a woman) for the GAC, who are chosen for their unique engagement and willingness to contribute. Currently the GAC consists of 24 members. The Gender Advisory Committee is providing advice and feedback on the Gender Action Plan (GAP) of HBP on activities planned to improve equality in their respective areas of responsibility.

The GAC decided to be renamed to "Diversity and Equal Opportunities Committee (DEOC) to emphasize intersectionality and inclusiveness as key principles to be considered.

Katrin Amunts
Chair of the SIB/Scientific Research Director
FZ Juelich


Javier DeFelipe
SP 1 Leader


Conrado Bosman
SP 3 Task Leader
University of Amsterdam


Katrien Van Look
SP 6 Manager


Andrew Davison
SP 9 WP Leader


Arleen Salles
SP 12 Task Leader
Uppsala University

Birgit Schaffhauser
PCO - SP 11
EPFL (Until Oct. 2019)


Pilar F. Romero
SP 1 Manager

Olivia Gosseries
SP 3  Deputy Task Leader
GIGA Consiousness


Abigail Morrison
SP 7 Task Leader
FZ Jülich


Björn Kindler
SP 9 Manager
University of Heidelberg


Laura Saxer

HBP Education Programme 
Management & Coordination

Karin Grasenick
GAC Coordinator


Svenja Caspers
SP 2 Task Leader, Chair of GAC
University of Düsseldorf


Sacha van Albada
SP 4 Task Leader
FZ Jülich


Benjamin Weyers
SP 7 Task Leader, Co-Chair GAC
University Trier


Francesca I. Cavallero
SP 10 Management


Ziv Ben-Zion
Student Repr. SP 8
Tel Aviv University










Francesco Pavone
SP 2 Deputy Leader


Roman Volchenkov
SP 5, HLST Manager


Mira Marcus-Kalish
SP8 Deputy Leader
Tel Aviv University


Michele Farisco
SP 12 PhD Student
Uppsala University


Marta Domìnguez Álvaro
Student Repr. SP 1