Diversity and Gender Equality Activities Overview

Diversity and gender equality policies foster innovation by including a diverse and often untapped talent pool, whilst balancing task distributions and career opportunities, helping to overcome stereotypes for both women and men regardless of educational background or current position in HBP. The HBP has formulated a vision accordingly, where WE ARE HBP stands for “Work for and Engage in Activities and Research for Equality in the HBP”

HBP will demonstrate how equality can be fostered by a network of outstanding researchers. It will serve as a best practice example for European funded projects characterised by complexity and spatial remoteness of involved partners.

(WE ARE) HBP will thereby focus on diversity, driven by the appreciation that equal opportunities across different cultures, disciplines, tasks, and sexes contribute to excellence, innovation, and collaboration.

The HBP began its activities on gender equality in January 2017. During the SGA1 period (April 2016 to March 2018), foundations were laid for a comprehensive and sustainable gender strategy by EAF Berlin.



Image: convelop Karin Grasenick

Gender Action Plan

The activities, summarised in the “ Gender Action Plan ”, carried out include:

  • Develop and support HBP Stakeholders to share a vision on diversity and equality, setting targets, supporting, and carrying out own activities.
  • Analyse Structure and Processes of the HBP to identify leverage points for change
  • Contribute to Research and Lectures at HBP related workshops and publications
  • Support, Individuals, Teams, Leaders, offering advice on diversity in teams as well as career building workshops.

The experiences with implementing the Gender Action Plan (GAP) are summarised in the GAP Implementation Report M1-M24 .

In line with the European Commission's gender agenda for Horizon 2020, the HBP aims to play a pioneering role in advancing gender equality by aiming for a balance between male and female scientists in research teams and decision-making, as well as promoting awareness of gender and further diversity traits as integral part of RRI (responsible research and innovation) in research and innovation. One of the main challenges has been to increase the number of women in higher-level positions and in education activities.

We invite to join an open discussion on Diversity and Gender Equality at the HBP Forum.



For SGA2 (April 2018 to March 2020) and SGA3 (April 2020 to March 2023), HBP is supported in this challenging task by convelop, an independent organisation advising clients on diversity and equality in research and innovation.

in cooperation with Project Coordination Office in Geneva.