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The section "About" provides a general overview of the HBP, its mission, achievements and key figures.

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• The monthly general (external) HBP newsletter
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Additionally, there are a number of ways how you can get active and/or join!
• Become Student Ambassadors of your Work Package.
• Get involved in various programme committees (e.g. annual HBP Student
  Conference or Young Researchers Event).
• Provide local support at events.
• Get in touch with us via
• The student community elects two Student Representatives,
  who you can directly contact at

You can directly contact one of our partners that offers the research field you are interested in. 
Jobs offered by the HBP can be found here: job opportunities
Also have a look at the Education Programme's Lab visit directory to get in touch with some HBP labs.

The Human Brain Project is building a research infrastructure to help advance neuroscience, medicine and computing. This infrastructure is called EBRAINS (European Brain ReseArch INfraStructure).


The main HBP event is the HBP Open Day & Summit. It is organised and held at different locations once a year. The Open Day oriented at engaging the general public is held the day before the official Summit conference opening. The event is a great opportunity to meet other researchers in person and get an impression of the research carried out in the HBP and interact with experts and exhibits.
Since 2018, there has also been a dedicated student parallel session taking place during the Summit. 

The registration fee for on-site events normally includes the participation in all sessions plus lunch- and coffee breaks. Travel and accommodation are not included. Depending on the event we can also offer travel grants. Make sure to check the respective event websites for details. Most virtual events are free to attend. In case of the cancellation of your attendance you will get 80% refund up to 4 months before the event, 50% refund up to 2 weeks before the event and no refund if you cancel later than 2 weeks before the event. The HBP Summit has a different registration and cancellation policy. Please reach out to

You find detailed registration information on the respective event pages. For some of the registration processes you have to create an EBRAINS account. In case your institution is already pre-identified by the system this is an easy step. If your institution is not yet pre-identified you can request the adding at
We recommend to always register with your institutional email address (if available).

First, check with your own institution if you can receive any financial support. You can also find a collection of institutions that offer travel and research funds for students under funding opportunities. If you cannot receive any support via these options, the Education Programme offers a limited amount of travel grants that you can apply for (detailed information on the respective event page).

Student community

The first step would be to join the Student Slack channel, contact the Student Ambassador of your Work package and/or take part in one of the Student Conferences or one of the Tea & Slides sessions.

The HBP Student Representatives speak for the project's student community in the HBP Education Programme Committee and are the chairs of the programme committee of the annual Student Conference. The HBP Student Ambassadors represent the various Workpackages and serve as a mouthpiece between the student community and the Student Representatives, also they are involved in the organisation of the Student Conference and Young Researchers Event. 

You can volunteer as a programme committee member. Express your interest via email:

Online courses

To register, please send a short e-mail to and state the courses you would like to attend and whether you also plan to take the related exams. You find all content of our courses on the Education Programme's Website. Please note that you can only take an exam after you have participated in one of our Education events.

No, you can take your time and attend a face-to-face Education event at a time of your convenience and take the exam there. As currently we are offering only virtual events, we are working on a digital option to take the exam.

You have to watch the online course topic(s) you want to do the exam on. Additionally, you have to attend a face-to-face workshop. You are not forced required to take an exam, you can also use our courses as free resource, however, in this case no ECTS points can be awarded.

No, you only have to attend the specific course of which you want to take the exam.

After passing the exam you will receive a certificate from the Medical University of Innsbruck stating that you passed and how many ECTS points were awarded to you. You must check beforehand whether your institution accepts the ECTS accreditation from the Medical University Innsbruck.