HBP Student Ambassadors represent the student community of their SPs. They help to strengthen the student communityraise awareness for the HBP Education Programme and serve as a mouthpiece between students and Student Representative.

Student Ambassadors are a point of contact for Student Representatives, the Education Programme Office and the student community. They provide input from their SPs to ensure that the interests of all HBP students are equally represented in the HBP Education Programme.



Name: Marcelo Armendariz
Social Media/Get in Touch:
Role: PhD Candidate, Student Ambassador and Scientific Committee (HBP Student Conference)
Subproject & Location: SP2, Leuven, Belgium.
Research/Thesis Title: Modelling information processing in the primate brain
Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
My research interests involve understanding how the primate brain processes information of the world around us, using different techniques (fMRI, electrophysiology) together with computational modelling. I am currently a PhD candidate at the KU Leuven and I have been part of the HBP since 2014, working the in the SP2. Since 2017 I am Student Ambassador and member of the Scientific Committee that organizes the Annual HBP Student Conference. Being part of the HBP Education team gave me the opportunity to work with and learn from both young and senior researchers from all over the world and be involved in interesting and exciting scientific discussions and organization of events.



Name: Petruț Antoniu Bogdan (Peter)
Social Media/Get in Touch: / @pabmcr (Twitter) / in/petrutbogdan/ (LinkedIn)
Role: PhD Student
Subproject & Location: SP9 / University of Manchester
Research/Thesis Title: "Neurogenesis on SpiNNaker" – investigating structural plasticity mechanisms on the SpiNNaker many-core neuromorphic platform.
Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
As a Student Ambassador I took part in organising the Young Researchers Event (YRE) in Geneva, Switzerland (September 2017), as well as the 2nd HBP Student Conference: Transdisciplinary Research Linking Neuroscience, Brain Medicine and Computer Science in Ljubljana, Slovenia (February 2018).
In future, I will assist with the organisation of the 3nd HBP Student Conference: On interdisciplinary brain research taking place in Ghent, Belgium (February 2019) and with the creation of a "welcome package" for students and staff who are new to the HBP to familiarise them with common resources, events and contact persons.



Name: Ziv Ben-Zion
Social Media/Get in Touch: 
Role: PhD Student
Subproject & Location: SP8 / Tel-Aviv University
Research/Thesis Title: Neurocognitive Moderators of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Trajectories  

Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors: I took part in the HBP open day and summit which took place in Maastricht, Netherlands (October 2018), presenting my work on novel classification of recent trauma survivors in the medicine booth (SP8). In the future, I will assist with the organisation of the 3nd HBP Student Conference: On interdisciplinary brain research taking place in Ghent, Belgium (February 2019). 





Name: Katharina F Heil
Social Media/Get in Touch:
Role: Student Ambassador (recently finished my PhD)
Subproject & Location: SP1, Edinburgh and Stockholm
Research/Thesis Title: "A Systems Biological Approach to Parkinson's Disease"
Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
Apart from my research I have always been interested in communication and the additional benefits from interdisciplinary research. Joining the HBP Student Ambassador Team allowed me to get in touch with other PhD students and learn about their day-to-day research.
In 2017 I was involved in the organisation of the Young Researchers Event in Geneva which was a great experience. Being part of the steering committee gave me the chance to work closely with other students, contact speakers and being involved in the on-site event organisation.
For the last months I have been working on putting together a "welcome package" for new HBP students and young researchers allowing them to get familiarised with resources, available information and the HBP environment.



Name: Carmen Alina Lupascu
Role: Student Ambassador (PostDoc)
Subproject & Location: SP1, SP6, IBF, CNR, Palermo, Italy
Research Title: "Trans-synaptic signaling and receptor kinetics"
Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
In 2017 I was involved in the organisation of the Young Researchers Event in Geneva which was an occasion for me to improve my communication and organization skills. As a student ambassador I am part of the promotion group and I have the task to support the promotion of the HBP Education Programme on a project-wide basis.






Name: Claudia Modenato
Social Media/Get in Touch:
Role: Student Ambassador, PhD student
Subproject & Location: former member of SP8Neuroimaging lab (LREN) - University Hospital Lausanne (CHUV), Switzerland
Research/Thesis Title: "The impact of copy number variants on brain anatomy"
Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
I was invited to join the HBP Education team as Student ambassador after attending one of the HBP student workshops in 2016. Soon after, I joined the program committee for the organization of the 2nd HBP Student Conference that took place in February 2018. I really enjoyed being part of the dynamic and stimulating group of students organizing the event, and I also learned a lot about communication and event management. But mostly this experience gave me the opportunity to connect with students coming from other countries and other fields of research. Currently I am leading the promotion working group within the HBP Educational team, which aims to promote HBP Educational events. If you are interested in promoting events in the scientific community, do not hesitate to contact us!



Name: Agata Mosinska
Role: PhD student at EPFL, Student Ambassador
Subproject & Location: SP5, EPFL
Research/Thesis Title: "Machine Learning for Automatic Delineation of Curvilinear Structures"
Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors: 
As a part of HBP I took part in workshops and conferences, first as a participant and later on also as an organiser. Most recently I helped with organising 2nd Student Conference in Ljubljana, planning the scientific part and reviewing submitted abstracts. As a Student Ambassador I also promote educational events among students from universities around Europe. Thanks to the HBP events I broadened my horizons beyond my research interest and I met a lot of like-minded people from different fields and countries.





Name: Andrea Santuy
Social Media/Get in Touch:
Role: Student Ambassador
Subproject & Location: SP1, Madrid.
Research/Thesis Title: 3D ultrastructure of the cerebral cortex
Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
During my PhD I was appointed Student Representative Deputy, position that I held for two years. During that time, I attended the Education Committee meetings, where I defended the interests of the HBP Students, and helped designing the online courses. During that stage I acquired a wide variety of management skills through the organization of the 1st and 2nd HBP Student Conferences, as part of the scientific committee and scientific chair respectively. I enjoyed very much that experience, where I had the opportunity to meet both top-notch scientists and students. After finishing my PhD, I passed the baton to the next representatives. Now, I am part of the team acting as advisor.



Name: Marta Turégano
Social Media/Get in Touch:
Role: Student Ambassador
Subproject & Location: SP1, Madrid (Spain)
Research/Thesis Title: Ultrastructure and Connectivity of the Cerebral Cortex
Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
I found out about the HBP 3 years ago. During this time, I've participated in most of events focused on students organized by the Education Programme. I like to keep in touch with the student community and to share experiences with a lot of people from different fields in this interdisciplinary environment. I have always enjoyed these meetups, and since I have some experience in organizing events, I decided to collaborate as ambassador.  My goal is to promote and improve the space of students within the HBP, and to invite external students to meet us and get involved in our project.