HBP Student Ambassadors represent the student community of their SPs. They help to strengthen the student communityraise awareness for the HBP Education Programme and serve as a mouthpiece between students and Student Representative.

Student Ambassadors are a point of contact for Student Representatives, the Education Programme Office and the student community. They provide input from their SPs to ensure that the interests of all HBP students are equally represented in the HBP Education Programme.



Name: Petruț Antoniu Bogdan (Peter)
Social Media/Get in Touch: / @pabmcr (Twitter) / in/petrutbogdan/ (LinkedIn)
Role: PhD Student
Subproject & Location: SP9 / University of Manchester
Research/Thesis Title: "Neurogenesis on SpiNNaker" – investigating structural plasticity mechanisms on the SpiNNaker many-core neuromorphic platform.

Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
As a Student Ambassador I took part in organising the Young Researchers Event (YRE) in Geneva, Switzerland (September 2017), as well as the 2nd HBP Student Conference: Transdisciplinary Research Linking Neuroscience, Brain Medicine and Computer Science in Ljubljana, Slovenia (February 2018).
In future, I will assist with the organisation of the 3nd HBP Student Conference: On interdisciplinary brain research taking place in Ghent, Belgium (February 2019) and with the creation of a "welcome package" for students and staff who are new to the HBP to familiarise them with common resources, events and contact persons.



Name: Ziv Ben-Zion
Social Media/Get in Touch: 
Role: PhD Student
Subproject & Location: SP8 / Tel-Aviv University
Research/Thesis Title: Neurocognitive Moderators of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Trajectories  

Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors: I took part in the HBP open day and summit which took place in Maastricht, Netherlands (October 2018), presenting my work on novel classification of recent trauma survivors in the medicine booth (SP8). In the future, I will assist with the organisation of the 3nd HBP Student Conference: On interdisciplinary brain research taking place in Ghent, Belgium (February 2019). 



Name: Camilla Hagen Blixhavn
Social Media/Get in Touch: / @CBlixhavn (Twitter) / in/camilla-hagen-blixhavn/ (LinkedIn)
Role: Student Ambassador
Subproject & Location: SP5 / University of Oslo
Research Title: “Data integration through digital brain atlasing”

Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:

When I joined the Young Researcher’s Event in Belgrade, July 2019, to hold a workshop, I gained more insight into the good work of the HBP Student Representatives and Ambassadors and decided to join the team. As I am involved in various communication and dissemination tasks in SP5, it fits quite well to collaborate on such matters across the student community of the HBP. 




Name: Carmen Alina Lupascu
Role: Student Ambassador (PostDoc)
Subproject & Location: SP1, SP6, IBF, CNR, Palermo, Italy
Research Title: "Trans-synaptic signaling and receptor kinetics"

Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
In 2017 I was involved in the organisation of the Young Researchers Event in Geneva which was an occasion for me to improve my communication and organization skills. As a student ambassador I am part of the promotion group and I have the task to support the promotion of the HBP Education Programme on a project-wide basis.




Name: Marta Turégano
Social Media/Get in Touch:
Role: Student Ambassador
Subproject & Location: SP1, Madrid (Spain)
Research/Thesis Title: Ultrastructure and Connectivity of the Cerebral Cortex

Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
I found out about the HBP 3 years ago. During this time, I've participated in most of events focused on students organized by the Education Programme. I like to keep in touch with the student community and to share experiences with a lot of people from different fields in this interdisciplinary environment. I have always enjoyed these meetups, and since I have some experience in organizing events, I decided to collaborate as ambassador.  My goal is to promote and improve the space of students within the HBP, and to invite external students to meet us and get involved in our project.