Oct. 2, 2020

Open Call for EBRAINS Workshop events opened

The HBP Education Programme has published a new Call for Expression of Interest (CEoI) for EBRAINS Workshop events. Applicants from within and outside the HBP can request administrative and financial support provided by the HBP Education Programme for the planning and organisation of an EBRAINS Workshop.


EBRAINS Workshops are multi-day events that offer plenary lectures in combination with parallel hands-on workshop modules under an overarching theme. The programme should give an advanced introduction to specific topics, guide attendees through the opportunities of specific parts of EBRAINS Research Infrastructure (EBRAINS RI) and give introductory tutorials and trainings on specific parts of the Platforms. The goal is to introduce participants to the opportunities provided by the EBRAINS RI and educate them on the resources that are offered by EBRAINS.

The HBP Education Programme supports EBRAINS Workshop events that showcase one or more of the existing and upcoming EBRAINS areas and educate participants on how to use the respective resources and tools provided by EBRAINS:

In addition, applicants have to outline in detail how the proposed EBRAINS Workshop relates to selected take-up measures for the achievement of one or more of the HBP SGA3 Outcomes.

In total, 5 proposals will be selected during SGA3. The HBP Education Programme will offer up to EUR 22,000 financial support and 3-4 person-month administrative support, per event.

The call is permanently open, but proposals are evaluated after certain cut-off dates.

The first cut-off date is 1 February 2021.

Any proposal submitted by the first cut-off date will be evaluated in Spring 2021, and can take place in the second half of 2021.

The CEoI and further information can be found on the HBP Open Calls Platform.

Interested applicants are encouraged to get in touch with the HBP Education Programme during the application stage at workshop.edu@humanbrainproject.eu.