Computing for Brain Research


High-Performance Computing (HPC) has become an important tool in neuroscience research, to process and analyse high-resolution imaging data sets, for simulating large and complex neuronal network models, or for analysing the simulation and/or experimentation results.

During the funding phase SGA2 (2018-2020), the High-Performance Analytics and Computing Platform (HPAC) provided the hardware and software required to run large-scale, data-intensive, interactive simulations, to manage large amounts of data, and to implement and manage complex workflows comprising concurrent simulation, data analysis and visualisation workloads. Starting with SGA2, HPAC and other HBP platform tools and services have increasingly used the Fenix Infrastructure, a significant part of which is dedicated to the HBP.

With the start of the funding phase SGA3 (2020-2023), the project structure has changed. The work of the HPAC Platform will be continued during SGA3 as part of the EBRAINS Computing Services (WP6). This unit develops, deploys, integrates, and operates a variety of basic IT services within a distributed e-infrastructure. It integrates the HPC/Cloud computing and storage services of the Fenix infrastructure, which are made available through the ICEI project, and novel Neuromorphic Computing Services into a joint infrastructure layer.

More information about computing and storage resources for EBRAINS and the neuroscience community are available on the EBRAINS website.

Fenix/ ICEI Research Infrastructure


Five European supercomputing centres, namely BSC (Spain), CEA (France), CINECA (Italy), CSCS (Switzerland) and JSC (Germany), agreed to align their services to facilitate the creation of the Fenix Infrastructure. The distinguishing characteristic of this e-infrastructure is that data repositories and scalable supercomputing systems are in close proximity and well integrated. An initial version of this infrastructure is currently being realised through the ICEI project (Interactive Computing E-Infrastructure), which is part of the European Human Brain Project (HBP). Researchers from or associated to the HBP are the initial prime users of this e-infrastructure.




Access to available resources is provided following the peer review principles which have been established by PRACE. This access is provided to European scientists from all scientific domains, free of charge at the point of usage. Additionally, Fenix has established a programmatic access mechanism for members of the Human Brain Project (HBP) and partnering projects communities.

The Fenix Infrastructure is open to other communities who want to contribute resources and use the infrastructure. For any questions regarding access to resources of the Fenix Infrastructure, please send an email to


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