Compliance Management

Compliance Management is part of our work to make sure Human Brain Project activities comply with European ethical principles and corresponding regulatory standards. 

Compliance Management activities overlap with Data Governance and Data Protection, and both the Data Protection Officer and the Compliance Manager sit on the HBP Data Governance Working Group

The Compliance Manager works directly with Primary Investigators in the HBP and external data providers to ensure that the ethics compliance status of all data integrated into the HBP infrastructure is acceptable and that evidence of acceptability is available to appropriate parties both within and outside the project. 

Ethics Coordination

We coordinate the management of ethical issues across the Human Brain Project. This includes the interaction with the European Commission and its ethics reviewers for ethics checks, ethics reviews, or ethics audits, as well as coordinating all work on ethics across all Work Packages in the Project. The task also includes the ethics rapporteur programme, and communications activities to promote responsible research and innovation in the Human Brain Project. 

Ethics Coordination

Anyone can request to address ethical, regulatory and social issues raised by HBP research.

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Ethics & Society Training Resources

We have developed training resources that cover a wide range of issues in data governance, responsible research and innovation, and neuroethics.

Our training modules provide tools and methods for foresight, as well as critical and philosophical reflection.

Introduction to Responsible Research & Innovation in HBP Human & Animal Data in EBRAINS Gender, Diversity & Inclusion Researcher Awareness & Integrity Dual Use of Concern & Misuse Knowledge Transfer & Commercialization Neuroethics, Consciousness & AI Ethics Foresight & Public Engagement Science Communication

More Ethics & RRI 

The Human Brain Project will have an impact on both science and society.

We promote RRI practices within the HBP, and help to shape the direction of its research in ethically sound ways that serve the public interest. 

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