Sept. 29, 2018

Maastricht and the HBP

The Human Brain Project is delighted to come to Maastricht for its annual Summit and Open Day. The program of the Open Day on October 15th features talks and exhibits to give visitors an insight into the largest neuroscientific project in Europe. For all further information visit:

In recent years, our host Maastricht University has focused on topics that are strongly related to major HBP objectives, including multi-scale imaging ranging from nano- to milimeter scales, big data analysis and population imaging, data science and robotics. On the university’s website you can read accounts from five Maastricht-based neuroscientists about their work, including this year's Summit and Open Day host Prof. Rainer Goebel, and HBP scientist Dr. Mario Senden.

Prof. Rainer Goebel is the head of the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience (CN) and the founding director of the Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre (MBIC). In the HBP he contributes to the research area Human Brain Organization and heads a project on visuo-motor integration. At the Open Day he will be joined by Director of Maastricht University Prof. Rianne Letschert and HBP Scientific Director Prof. Katrin Amunts to deliver the welcome addresses and HBP overview.

Dr. Mario Senden works at the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience of Maastricht University. In HBP his research focuses on understanding vision and motor integration using robotics and artificial intelligence. At the Open Day he will deliver a talk on “Embodied brains & dynamic environments” as part of the session “Closed loops: From brains to machines and back”. More about this research can be found here:

What a one-eyed robot can teach us about the brain


Further Info:

Download the Open Day flyer including the programme!

Impressions from the previous HBP Open Day 2017 in Glasgow