A fun and fascinating Open Day in Glasgow

    18 October 2017

    Several hundred visitors were treated to an insight into the Human Brain Project at our 2nd annual Open Day in Glasgow on Tuesday 17 October.

    Visitors strolled the science market, meeting small mammalian robots, exploring the brain in virtual reality, talking to scientists, and learning about everything from neuroethics to neuromorphic computing and the software platforms that power the HBP’s collaborations across the different disciplines of neuroscience.

    <iframe allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9aaBFj5wQQ8"></iframe>

    Watch for a taste of the variety and energy of the HBP Open Day 2017. Video courtesy of the University of Glasgow.

    Visitors filled the auditorium for a series of talks that ranged across the breadth of neuroscience, from supercomputers and robots to neuroethics.

    Undersecretary for State for Scotland, Lord Duncan, told the hall of the importance of science and scientists in modern society, while the keynote speech was delivered by US computing pioneer Bo Ewald, who outlined the journey from basic computing to the quantum computers being brought to market by D-Wave systems.

    HBP Scientific Director Katrin Amunts said the Open Day had been a great success with a lot of positive feedback from the public and fascinating talks from a diverse range of speakers.

    “The HBP is such a large, complex and ambitious project that occasions like this when we can gather together and show how the component parts all fit together are really valuable and useful.”

    More than 500 people registered to visit the Open Day with those aged 18-24 registering in the highest numbers.