Newly improved Brain Simulation Platform now online

    17 July 2017

    A new, more user-centric and user-friendly version of the Brain Simulation Platform has been launched by the Human Brain Project.

    Visualisation of neurons in a digital reconstruction. Blue Brain Project / EPFL ©2005 – 2017. All rights reserved.

    Brain Simulation Platform V.2

    The HBP's Brain Simulation Platform has been re-organised for a better user-experience. The navigation has been streamlined and it is now more accessible to users with different levels of neuroscientific and/or technical expertise.

    The Platform enables the reconstruction and simulation of scaffold models of brain and brain tissue in a data-driven approach. Version 2 (see below for sign-in details) of the Plaform incorporates feedback received from an HBP Review in June 2016.

    Use Cases

    The Platform has a number of online ‘use cases’ that you can execute. Use cases are labelled with icons indicating the required expertise level. For some use cases there also is the option to display the computational resources required, as well as their maturity level.

    Currently, the ‘feature extraction’ and ‘synaptic events fitting’ are the most executed use cases. The 'feature extraction' use case is a web application that allows you to extract an ensemble of electrophysiological properties from voltage traces recorded upon electrical stimulation of neuronal cells. This use case is relatively straightforward to run and aimed at users with knowledge of electrophysiological mechanisms, but no specific programming expertise (i.e. “everybody”).

    The 'synaptic events fitting' use case enables you to fit synaptic events using data and models from the Neuroinformatics Platform. This use case is aimed at ‘power users’, those that have experience of running and analysing models and simulations.

    We hope users will find this new version much improved and useful.

    Accessing the Platform

    We are always happy to hear from users with their feedback, so do drop us an email at