Brain Simulation Platform moving to EBRAINS


The workflows and use cases of the Brain Simulation Platform developed by the Human Brain Project (HBP) are evolving and moving to the new infrastructure, EBRAINS, under its Cellular Level Simulation Services. 


EBRAINS is the HBP’s new infrastructure that was launched in 2019. It is now the entry point for researchers to access its digital tools and services. The services are divided into categories: Simulation, Atlases, Data and Knowledge, Brain-Inspired Technologies and Medical Data Analytics. The majority of services can be accessed freely; additional resources may require an EBRAINS account to access them.


The Brain Simulation Platform (BSP), which was launched in 2016, was an internet-accessible collaborative Platform designed for the reconstruction and simulation of brain models. The Platform was comprised of a suite of software tools and workflows for collaborative brain research to allow researchers to reconstruct and simulate detailed multi-level models of the brain, displaying emergent structures and behaviours.


The majority of use cases and workflows of the former BSP have been migrated to EBRAINS. You can access them freely on EBRAINS, as was previously the case on the BSP. For an exact mapping of the use cases on the former BSP with those that you can find on EBRAINS, please see the table.