Calls for Expression of Interest - Five New Calls Open

    03 August 2017

    Five new calls for collaborative projects have been opened by the Human Brain Project (HBP).

    The calls cover infrastructure co-design, modelling allosteric drugs, data protection, gender equality coordination, and comparative cell analyses.

    The calls are an important part of the HBP’s work, bringing together novel approaches, data, theory and collaborative platforms to generate new insights into the brain and to ensure the project delivers on its scientific and social goals.

    The largest is a 1.8m euro call to contribute to Co-Designing the HBP’s Digital Infrastructure for Advancing the Understanding of Multilevel Brain Organisation. Under this call two proposals will be funded that bring cutting edge technologies and ideas to the HBP’s collaborative infrastructure.

    The call for Modelling Allosteric Drugs will select one project to use computational methods to search for potential new drugs based on allosteric mechanisms in the brain.

    The Gender Equality Coordinator reflects the HBP’s commitment to gender equality within the wider project. The Gender Equality Coordinator will be tasked with fostering equality in scientific careers, promoting working conditions and cultures that allow equal career development for men and women, and cultivating a gender balance in decision making processes and bodies.

    The Data Protection Officer call is to ensure that the HBP’s data protection is at the highest level. The data protection officer will also provide advice and guidance to data controllers and processors throughout the HBP, as well as to researchers and administrators within the project.

    The Comparative Single Cell Analyses call will select a project to devise appropriate experiments to obtain strategic data on neurons and interneurons that can be extrapolated from the mouse to the human brain.

    The Calls are open until 30 September 2017.

    Further information can be found here.