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Training: Introduction to public engagement

The module is held in a hands-on workshop format and provide an introduction to the theory and practice of public engagement and citizen participation. It shows the aims and outcomes one can achieve with the different public engagement methods. Participants are trained in how to choose engagement methods that fit the desired outcome and will be trained in how to engage different types of stakeholders, from experts to laypeople. Furthermore, participants will work together in smaller groups to design and plan an engagement process by working with provided templates, that will be made available for the participants to use later on in their own work.

The Human Brain Project’s Capacity Development Committee works to provide researchers who are using the EBRAINS research infrastructure or who work within the Human Brain Project with the skills needed to identify and address ethical, legal, and societal issues that arise from brain research. Enabling a responsible research and innovation culture within the Human Brain Project, EBRAINS, and the neuroscience community. And raising awareness of the need to anticipate and deliberate on issues regarding responsibility through engaging with the public. This includes providing tools and methods for foresight as well as critical and philosophical reflection.
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