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The Human Brain Project’s Capacity Development Committee works to provide researchers who are using the EBRAINS research infrastructure or who work within the Human Brain Project with the skills needed to identify and address ethical, legal, and societal issues that arise from brain research. Enabling a responsible research and innovation culture within the Human Brain Project, EBRAINS, and the neuroscience community. And raising awareness of the need to anticipate and deliberate on issues regarding responsibility through engaging with the public. This includes providing tools and methods for foresight as well as critical and philosophical reflection.

We  conduct training that cover a wide range of issues in data governance, responsible research and innovation, and neuroethics.


Upcoming Training Opportunities


Brain Research for Good: Addressing dual use of concern & misuse issues

24 February 2022 | 10:00-11:30 CET

This workshop will introduce a novel approach to dual use of concern developed by the Ethics and Society team in the Human Brain Project. This approach goes beyond the traditional civil-military dichotomy understanding of dual use and considers broader societally beneficial and harmful uses including political, security, intelligence and military uses of concern. Participants will gain understanding of dual use of concern and misuse in brain research (including AI, robotics and computing), and learn about the ways to identify and address potential concerns and misuse issues. In order to do that, they will learn about approaches such as Responsible Research and Innovation and the AREA framework of anticipation, reflection, engagement and action.

This virtual workshop will be part of the HBP Student Conference

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Social, ethical & reflective work in the HBP

We have compiled a list of all articles, books, and reports related to social, ethical and reflective work we have produced since the beginning of the Human Brain Project: October 2013. We hope it might be useful for those interested in how social science, ethics and philosophy can become driving forces in scientific and technological development. And ensure responsible research and innovation in both theory and practice. 

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Register an Ethical Concern

Anyone can requests to address ethical, regulatory and social issues in Human Brain Project research. The POint of REgistration (PORE) is HBP’s mechanism to register and identify these issues and keep track of how they are dealt with.

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