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Students and researchers at an early stage of their career make up an important part of the scientific community. By exchanging their knowledge and innovative ideas across disciplines, they contribute to the development of new structures and connections between the various research fields. The HBP Education Programme has introduced HBP Student Representatives, who speak for the Project's student community in the HBP Education Programme Committee, as well as HBP Student Ambassadors, who represent each Workpackage of the project and serve as a mouthpiece between the Student Community and the Student Representatives.

WANTED: Student Representatives in the HBP Education Programme Committee

The HBP Education Programme is looking for enthusiastic students and early career researchers to represent the HBP Student Community in the HBP Education Programme Committee and participate in the Student Representatives and Ambassadors team for the second part of SGA 3 (October 2021 – March 2023). 

The HBP Education Programme Committee is composed of representatives of HBP science and technology fields as well as the HBP student community, and it defines the strategy and the work plan of the Education Programme. 

Your tasks:

  • Act as a voice of the growing HBP Student Community in the HBP Education Programme Committee
  • Help shaping the strategy of the HBP Education Programme 
  • Act as a link between the HBP Student Community, the Education Programme Office and HBP senior scientists/the HBP Consortium
  • Co-organise the HBP Student Conferences together with the HBP Education Programme Office and the HBP Student Ambassadors
  • Co-organise networking events and student gatherings at HBP and HBP Education events for the whole scientific community in collaboration with the HBP Student Ambassadors
  • Review event proposals submitted via the HBP Education Open Calls

Your benefits:

  • Develop your management and coordination skills
  • Voice and realise your own ideas for the benefit of the HBP Student Community
  • Compensation of costs of tasks necessary for executing your position approved by the Education Programme Office

How to apply:

Fill out the application form and send it to: 

Extended application deadline: 23 September 2021


All applications will be collected by the Education Programme Office and sent to the Education Programme Committee for review. After the evaluation, applications will be sent to the HBP Student Community for voting. The vote will be open from 22 to 29 September 2021. 

We are looking for two young researchers to represent the HBP Student Community.

The new HBP Student Representatives will be introduced to the current HBP Student Representatives & Ambassadors either at the HBP Summit or in a virtual meeting.

Take this chance, present yourself to the HBP Student Community and become an active member of the HBP Education Programme!

Please do not hesitate to contact the HBP Education Programme if you have any questions. 

 Do you want to come in contact with other students all over HBP and beyond? A Slack channel has been created for the HBP Student Community to exchange and connect to each other.

 New to HBP? Our Student Ambassadors & Representatives have prepared a WELCOME PACKAGE  for you, which includes the most important information to get you started.


 If you are interested in possibilities to receive financial support for the attendance of events, you can find some further information in our funding opportunities overview.




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