SGA2 Call for Proposals (open July 2017)

Information on the Call for the HBP SGA2 Proposal (April 2018-April 2020) is available here.


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FLAG-ERA Joint Transnational Call 2017 (open)

Please visit FLAG-ERA for extensive information on transnational calls for collaboration with the EU Flagships.

The FLAG-ERA Joint Transnational Call 2017 (JTC 2017) is open. It is designed to expand the current Flagships with new research contributing to the Flagship objectives in selected areas. New researchers and researchers already in the Flagships are equally eligible. Selected projects are expected to be integrated into the Flagships as Partnering Projects.

To learn more on the topics, eligibility criteria and the submission of proposals to the JTC, please consult the Call Announcement. A correspondence table and contact information are provided here.

To prepare your proposal, please use the JTC 2017 Pre-Proposal Form and the Flagship partnership proposal form.

CEoI on Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience (closed)

Call closed 

The call for systems & cognitive neuroscience projects is now closed. 57 eligible proposals were submitted, and underwent the evaluation process. Independent evaluators were chosen based on their expertise in various fields of research related to the Call, covering topics such as cognitive neuroscience, systems neuroscience, theory, neuroinformatics, simulation and many more. Thirty-seven percent of the evaluators, who were from 17 different countries, were female, which is a remarkably high number compared to other research projects.

After a remote evaluation phase, a physical panel meeting took place in August 2015, and the results of the evaluation were published in September 2015. The selected projects will be funded via the European Commission grant for SGA1.

This CEoI was managed by Forschungszentrum Jülich (scientific aspects and review process) and the Technische Universität München (application and review process), on behalf of the HBP Consortium. Applications were received through the ECHORD++ system, kindly provided by TUM for this Call. 

Read the press release (PDF)

Click here to view winning proposals (PDF)

The Call in Brief

The HBP wanted to add four systems & cognitive neuroscience projects which:

  • Bridged from basic anatomy and physiology to mapping and cognition, plus theory and modelling
  • Used and/or fed at least two HBP Platforms including specification of data and/or tools
  • Included two or more spatial and/or temporal scales
  • Provided actual simulation models and/or disease models related to the cognitive function studied
  • Offered real-world applications (e.g. software, atlases, robotics, neuromorphic computing, drug design, etc.).