The Human Brain Project launches voucher programme

    10 September 2018

    Press Release 10 October 2018

    The Human Brain Project is opening its expertise and skills to researchers and groups around the world through a new voucher programme.

    The vouchers, worth a total of 1.3 million euros, give access to the HBP Platform and its engineers to solve a specific problem. The aim is to open the HBP’s research infrastructure to meet the needs of the user community in a new dynamic way and to establish collaborations that pursue technology innovation and engineering solutions of mutual interest and benefit.

    The HBP Platforms are a suite of tools and services for modelling, simulation and data analytics for neuroscience, medical research, neuromorphic computing and neurorobotics.

    A call for applications for the voucher programme has been opened, with a proposal deadline of 25 October, 2018. The Call is open to all non-HBP researchers, with target groups from academic, non-academic and medical research (including hospitals), and industry and pharma (SMEs and companies).

    Voucher winners will not receive any direct money, but will be able to direct an equivalent value of work from the HBP Platform engineering teams. They will work with the team to implement the feature requests of the external projects in the HBP Platform infrastructure.

    The size of each voucher will depend on the personnel and travel costs required to put the selected projects into practice and to guarantee intensive exchange between the participants. The vouchers are worth between 6 to 12 months of engineering/development time, plus travel costs.

    Interested applicants are invited get in contact with the HBP during the application process to work together on the proposals.