Jan. 27, 2020

Science Agora at the HBP Open Day - Booth Overview

Only a few more days to go until the HBP Open Day, February 3rd, 2020 in Athens. A particularly exciting part of the Open Day is the Science Agora, where HBP members present their work in neuroscience, novel computing technologies (e.g., with brain-inspired neuromorphic chips), neurorobotics and more, in nine booths, with interactive demonstrations and experiences.

The Open Day is free to the public. For more information and to register for the event, please visit the Open Day website.


BOOTH 1: EXPLORE THE BRAIN - Explore EBRAINS: Discover how you can share and find data via EBRAINS, how you can view and analyze data in the HBP Brain Atlases to better understand the brain’s multi-scale organisation.

BOOTH 2: BRAIN MODELS AND SIMULATION: From the lab via theory to data-driven simulations and back again. How can you join or benefit from this loop?

BOOTH 3: SILICON BRAINS - The Silicon Brains booth will showcase the neuromorphic computing systems SpiNNaker and BrainScaleS, including how to access the systems remotely. It will also feature a small hands-on demo. 

BOOTH 4: UNDERSTANDING COGNITION - Researchers show methods and data analysis tools for studying the brain and cognition. Check out WhiskEye - a simulator of the rodent’s whiskers, participate in a short behavioural experiment or excel at a Brain quiz and win a squeezy brain! 

BOOTH 5: MEDICINE - From research to medicine, discover how the MIP - Medical Informatics Platform - works and supports research for clinicians and researchers using federated data analysis and state-of-the-art computing technologies. LIVE DEMO and TRAININGS will be performed at the MIP booth.

BOOTH 6: ROBOTS - Closing the loop between environment and models of cognition via robots (in simulations or the real world) enables scientists to test hypotheses of how the brain represents space and time, selects movement, and predicts sensory consequences of action.

BOOTH 7: MASSIVE COMPUTING - Experts of the High Performance Analytics and Computing Platform and the Fenix Research Infrastructure will give hands-on demos on how to use tools, software and infrastructure. See the HPAC & ICEI-Fenix 'meet the experts' agenda.

BOOTH 8: SOCIAL, ETHICAL AND REFLECTIVE - Ethics and Society works with social and philosophical research, public engagement, ethics support and RRI practices within the HBP. Diversity and Gender Equality focuses its work on equal opportunities for all in HBP.

BOOTH 9: EDUCATION, TRAINING, PARTNERING ENVIRONMENT AND INNOVATION - Learn about the HBP Partnering Project scheme, meet the European Brain Research Area team, find out about available education and training opportunities, as well as innovation and technology transfer services.