Aug. 31, 2017

Learning to use neuromorphic computing

Seventh SpiNNaker Workshop, 3rd - 6th October 2017 in Manchester, UK (free of charge)

Researchers interested in learning how to use the SpiNNaker neuromorphic machine are being invited to a four-day workshop in Manchester, UK.

The free workshop is being held on 3-6 October, 2017. Participants will learn about SpiNNaker’s hardware, how to use the software, data visualisation, and how to add neurons and synapse plasticity.

The SpiNNaker machine is one of two neuromorphic computing systems running in the HBP. It emulates the spiking mechanism of the brain through 500,000 ARM processors exchanging neural action potentials. The SpiNNaker and BrainScaleS neuromorphic systems are both made available to researchers through the Neuromorphic Computing Platform.

The Manchester workshop will consist of a mixture of presentations from the software team and hands-on labs with the SpiNNaker hardware. Participants will also be able to discuss their own project plans and issues with the design team.

Workshop organiser Simon Davidson says it is the seventh year they have run the training. He says the workshop will be attractive to those interested in computational neuroscience and who want to explore new learning rules, as well as researchers interested in real time robotics.

Davidson says the profile of attendees has changed subtly over the last seven years from people interested in the hardware towards people with an interest in deep networks and neuroscience.

Attendees should have some experience with programming in Python. For the new neuron models and learning rules topics, some background in C is recommended.

The workshop is free but attendees must pay for their own travel and accommodation.

Information on how to register and further details of the workshop’s agenda can be found here: