Last chance to register: Join us online for the 8th Human Brain Project Summit!

    08 October 2021

    The Human Brain Project and EBRAINS are excited to invite you to the first digital Summit of the Human Brain Project taking place 12-15 October 2021.

    The Human Brain Project (HBP) is now in its final phase and has continuously evolved, adapted, and progressed to deliver cutting-edge neuroscience and brain-inspired innovation. One of the key achievements of the project is the foundation of the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure.

    EBRAINS will become a lasting fixture in the European Research landscape, and offers powerful tools for neuroscience in the digital age. EBRAINS creates synergies between brain science, medicine and technology and will be instrumental for European leadership in this area.

    The Human Brain Project Summit 2021 will provide an open forum for hundreds of researchers, as well as policy makers, media and public, to discuss exciting scientific results, the latest developments in the project, and the cutting-edge services and tools available on EBRAINS.

    The four-day event will kick off with the European Brain Summit taking place on-site in the heart of Brussels, followed by an internal day of HBP meetings carried out online, and finishes with the two-day online scientific conference of the HBP.

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    We look forward to hosting you for a lively scientific discussion and exchange of ideas around groundbreaking brain science!

    The four-day HBP Summit will include:

    The European Brain Summit (12 October), which will provide an opportunity to discuss how the challenge of the brain can become the focal point of Europe’s scientific and technological efforts. The event is being held on-site in Brussels, and will also be available via stream. The programme will be announced shortly and feature high-level European decision makers in discussion with leading scientists.

    The HBP Internal Day (13 October), which will be dedicated to internal meetings, working sessions and discussions. An interactive online setting will allow colleagues and fellow researchers to get together and discuss, collaborate and reconnect.

    The HBP Scientific Conference (14-15 October), which will showcase how the EBRAINS infrastructure builds on the HBP’s scientific excellence, how it can assist the research community, and the role it plays as an enabler of scientific progress.

    Programme at a glance:

    Plenary: Exiting talks by internationally renowned experts in brain research, digital neuroscience and brain-inspired technologies. Special keynotes will be given by Karl Friston (Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at University College London), Katrin Amunts (Forschungszentrum Jülich) and Giacomo Invideri (ETH Zurich).

    Panel Discussions: Renowned experts will discuss the past, present and future of brain research and the link between brain science and technology, respectively.

    Poster Session: A virtual poster session takes place online on 15 October.

    Poster abstracts can be submitted via the event website until 19 September

    Breakout Sessions: A deep dive into key topics including data, atlasing and simulation

    Showcases: Presentations of ambitious ongoing research projects that can only be done with EBRAINS from areas like robotics, consciousness, medicine and basic neuroscience

    Honours: Awards in Diversity and Innovation as well as for the best poster presentation

    Networking and Science Market: A digital exhibition will give the opportunity to connect to our teams.