June 2, 2017

Entrepreneurship in neuroscience: Intellectual property rights, translation and exploitation of research

17-19 July 2017, Leimen, Germany

In this HBP Curriculum Workshop, participants will learn how to advance their ideas from the lab to the market, understand the needs, the target population, patentability options and how to build a business model.

This "hackathon" style workshop completes and complements the HBP Curriculum online course on intellectual property rights, translation and exploitation of research. It is a hands-on unique experience of diving into the entrepreneurial world, learning how to take science to the next step.

Students will work in small groups around joint applied research ideas in neuroscience that the students will offer and conceive by themselves.

This workshop is open to the whole student community and early post-docs upon application. Applications from young female investigators are highly encouraged.


Application deadline: 26 June 17


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