Citizens’ perspectives on HBP and Dual Use

    26 October 2017

    The Human Brain Project may lead to research and new technologies that can be used in other ways than first intended, such as for military purposes – also known as dual use. In the coming months, HBP will consult citizens from 11 different EU countries, to collect their opinions about the risks of dual use of HBP research.

    The Human Brain Project has an ethical responsibility to ensure the research resulting from the project is both responsible and in line with societal values. History shows that scientific developments and new technologies have proved useful in other and very different ways than first intended.

    HBP wants to explore the opinions, values and concerns of citizens across Europe, regarding the potential risk of HPB research on neuroscience, brain inspired computing, and robotics being applied for political, security, intelligence or military purposes.

    Involving citizens in the discussion will be of great importance and benefit to the Human Brain Project, providing valuable input and perspectives to scientists and decision makers.

    Armed with a better understanding of citizens’ perspectives, the Human Brain Project can communicate better and develop better research, which takes citizen’s views, concerns and desires into account.

    The consultations are organised and coordinated by the Danish Board of Technology Foundation.

    Join the consultation, go to:

    Video introduction to the Human Brain Project and the risk of dual use


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