BrainComp 2019 - Workshop and Young Researchers Competition

    26 February 2019

    As part of the Workshop on Brain Inspired Computing - BrainComp 2019 we call on young researchers to participate in the BrainComp Young Researchers Competition. 

    Open Call for Proposals

    As part of the Workshop on Brain Inspired Computing - BrainComp 2019 we call on young researchers to participate in the BrainComp Young Researchers Competition. The call is addressed to researchers who want to solve relevant and exciting neuroscientific problems by using high performance computing (HPC) resources - from feasibility studies, up to complex workflows and computationally intensive tasks such as simulations, large modeling projects or data analytics. 

    For more information about the open call, visit: 

    In addition to the execution of the projects, the winners will be invited to participate in the next BrainComp Workshop (travel costs will be covered), which will be held from 15-19 July 2019 in Cetraro, Italy. The winners will not only present their projects to experts from the field of HPC and Neuroscience, but also have the opportunity to publish their project results in the peer reviewed workshop proceedings.

    Eligible to apply for the call are young researchers from European Universities and non-university research institutes.


    How to apply

    • Outline of the scientific problem and your approach towards its solution.

    • Clear scientific goals and verifiable milestones on the way to reach these goals.

    • Information on the computational (with indication of the preferred system architecture) and storage resources needed and software requirements.

    • Description of the GPU accelerated applications to be used to solve the problems when applying for the hybrid architecture. 

    • Well-founded and detailed demonstration of the required runtime of the program and the total required compute time.

    • Description of the physical and mathematical methods employed in the project.

    • A detailed and clearly arranged work schedule.

    • Information about if/which compute projects have already been carried out successfully.

    • In addition to the proposal a short CV of the applicants should be submitted.

    • Please submit your proposal to by using the BrainComp proposal template.

    The proposals should be submitted by March 15. Compute resources will be provided to the most challenging projects that will be selected in accordance with strict scientific standards. Resources will be allocated to the projects within the framework of an international reviewing procedure.

    BrainComp Workshop 2019

    15-19 July 2019 in Cetraro, Italy. 

    Together Neuroscience and Computing are driving forces for research and innovation. They enable new insights into the brain‘s complexity as well as biological information processing and lay ground for progress in Future Computing. 

    Making use of this collaborative effort by bringing together relevant key players in the field of Neuroscience and Future Computing, the workshop on Brain-Inspired Computing (BrainComp) aims to shed a light on the digital transformation of Neuroscience by High Performance Computing (HPC).

    The Workshop is jointly organized by the Human Brain Project, the University of Kalabria, the University of Groningen and the Research Centre Juelich. Participation is by invitation only.