May 20, 2019

MRI and AI to develop a brain virtual biopsy tool

A novel tool has been developed to meet the needs of both fundamental research on the human brain, in particular to decode the cyto- and fiber architectures of the cerebral cortex in vivo, and the clinical research to provide clinicians with a virtual biopsy tool which could eventually replace invasive surgical biopsies.

April 5, 2019

These Insect-Inspired Robots Don't Need GPS For Orientation

The 'Brains on Board' project is a collaboration between several British universities in partnership with the Human Brain Project and seeks to ‘translate’ the brains of ants and bees into algorithms that a machine will understand. Its aim is to create equally efficient robots that can be used for rescue, space exploration and terrain analysis.

March 18, 2019

European Brain Research Area (EBRA) Call for Clusters launched

The EBRA consortium has launched a Call for Clusters aimed to promote co-operation and exchange between brain research projects and networks, and thus enable or enhance international collaboration and the emergence of development of clusters in all areas of brain research, in line with EBRA’s aim to foster new, and extend existing, transnational research cooperation of European countries, and to support coordination of research efforts.