March 8, 2023

HBP Summit: Open paper on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in research will be presented

The HBP's Diversity and Equal Opportunities Committee (DEOC) is pleased to announce an upcoming publication on recommendations for enhancing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in research projects. The paper will be published on Zenodo and will welcome contributions from the scientific community.

The paper focuses on the challenges that arise from the complexity of projects in general, and analyzes how these challenges also influence the implementation of EDI.

In the paper, the Diversity and Equal Opportunities Committee (DEOC) of the Human Brain Project presents a set of recommendations drawn from experiences gained within the framework of Horizon2020 and European gender equality strategies. The HBP has been recognised by the European Commission as significantly increasing (to more than double) the number of women in leadership positions while emphasizing equality, diversity, and inclusivity as guiding principles.

The paper, which will be hosted on Zenodo and welcome contributions from the scientific community, will be published during the 'WE ARE SCIENCE. Towards a realistic future to enhance inclusion, gender equality, and diversity in science.' satellite event on 27 March, which will take place as part of the Human Brain Project Summit 2023.

At the satellite event, concrete steps towards an inclusive science will be formulated. Stakeholders such as early stage and established researchers, advanced researchers, managers of science, and representatives of funding institutions will engage in an open dialogue. Together, they will discuss and exchange advice on career planning inside or outside of academia, the European funding landscape, and the role of inclusion, gender, equality, and diversity in science shaping the future of the European Research Area.

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