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Mobile World Congress - Deep Tech FWT Flagship Pavillion Presence


The DG Cnect Future and Emerging Technologies MWC Pavillion - Feb 24-27 Barcelona

The Human Brain Project will be presenting a showcase of HBP technologies of the future alongside our fellow Graphene and Quantum Flagships in the Mobile World Congress Exhibition to be held in Barcelona from  Feb 24th to Feb 27th.

The HBP component of the Pavillion will inlclude four industrial partners and five components of the HBP.

HBP Components To Be Presented Include:

- The EBRAINS Research Infrastructure for enabling EU computational Brain Research

- Neuromorphic Computing -  the BrainScales and SpiNNaker neuromorphic super computers

- The  Neuro Robotics Platform - for modelling robotics control systems in a virtual environment

- The Virtual Brain and Virtual Brain Cloud

Industrial And Partnering Projects of the HBP

- Sheffield University's Myro Robot Project

- EODYN and Indoc. two industry partners working with The Virtual Brain Cloud


The FET Flahships Deep Tech Pavillion includes a theatre which will be programming approximately seven hours of presentations a day about FET Flagship activity during the four days of the exhibition