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Join us! INCF-HBP Short Course "Fundamentals of Ontology Engineering"

Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway


This two-day introductory ‘hands-on’ course aims to provide attendees with both the theoretical foundations as well as some practical experience to begin building OWL ontologies using the Protégé-OWL tools.

Cours logoThe course will use Manchester's well-known "Pizza tutorial" to introduce participants to the the main conceptual parts of the Web Ontology Language (OWL) through the hands-on experience of building of an ontology. A series of practical exercises take participants through the process of forming competency questions that the ontology should support and using Protégé to enter the information into a knowledge base capable of answering them.

All this is centered around using automated reasoning to check the consistency of the growing ontology and of using the reasoner to issue queries to the knowledge base. In addition, the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) Ontology, which is used in the HBP KnowledgeGraph for data curation, will be introduced as a resource for standardizing annotation and classification of neuroscience knowledge, methods, and resources.

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Registration deadline: 4.01.2019

The number of participants is restricted. For this reason you are encouraged to register as soon as possible in order to receive prompt confirmation and make necessary plans to attend to the course. You will be notified about whether we can offer you a spot in the course soon after we received notification of your registration to the course (latest 5 working days after reception).