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HBP Tea & Slides 5

Robin De Schepper (University of Pavia) who has currently started his PhD in computational neuroscience, will present his talk with the title "Quality of Life in NEURON: My expressive multiscale Python tools". Robin has developed a series of tools aimed at other neuroscientists working with the NEURON simulator to improve our daily experience modelling with NEURON in Python. The toolkit consists of Patch, a compatible interface to NEURON and drop-in replacement that adds new features (like out of the box parallelization) and fixes common bugs and strange "gotchas". Glia & Astrocyte: An automatically compiling mod files library & packet manager. Arborize: High-level expressive descriptions of cell models.

Marialuisa Tognolina (University of Pavia) has a background in Neurophysiology and will present her talk “Cellular-resolution two-photon microscopy uncovers the spatio-temporal organization of the cerebellar granular layer activity”. Marialuisa’s group investigated the spatio-temporal organization of activity in the cerebellar granular layer through a scanless two-photon microscope (the SLM-2PM). The granular layer activity was recorded in different pharmacological conditions as well as before and after synaptic plasticity induction by simultaneously acquiring calcium signals from hundreds granule cells, while maintaining the single-cell resolution. The SLM-2PM data were used to validate predictions from a realistic network model of the cerebellar granular layer. Both the experimental and computational results show that the cerebellar granular layer activity is organized in center-surround units that are well suited to support dense cluster computation.

The two 10-minute short talks are followed by an interactive Q&A session with participants. 


If you are an early-career researcher in the HBP and want to present your work* at the next HBP Tea & Slides session, please send an email to stating

*Presentations can be about finalised or ongoing projects, research questions or -plans, as well as introducing others to HBP tools that you are working with.